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Do you feel like you need some rest?

Can you remember the last time you actually had a decent rest? I mean actual time out for you, away from the hustle and bustle of the world, your job, the stress of having to earn income, feed the kids, run the house and keep up with all the changes that happen each day?  Can you remember what it even feels like to feel restored?  

I don’t know about you, but for me,  even when I did rest and take some time out, I didn’t feel restored at the end of it.  It didn’t seem to matter how much sleep I had or how much chill time I embraced, at the end of it, I still felt exhausted.

Well, I have some Good News for you!  When this scent was created, it was all about making sure we would rest and restore!  That’s right, this scent helps you to rest but it also triggers your brain to start restoring your energy.  I know this might sound too good to be true, but honestly I’ve been using it for the last couple of weeks and I am starting to feel restored and its the only thing I’ve added into my routine.

It’s ideal to use

when you want to take some time out to rest and help yourself to feel restored. It will help create the space for you to actually chill out and feel better at the end of it. It’s great to use around anyone and everyone because it can silently help everyone in the background.  I use it anytime I’m not feeling restored and need to rest!

If you want to feel better

this scent will help you to rest your mind, body, soul and help you feel restored after using it.

In my experience the Rest & Restore Scent helps me rest in many ways. I’ve found that my mind shuts the mental chatter off, my body relaxes at a deeper level and at the end of it, I feel restored and ready to go again.  I’ve noticed the scent helps me to calm down at a deep level and my mind also feels a lot clearer. ” AJe – Owner Solaz Scents”

It works well with..

the REFLECTION scent so if you’re interested in getting a twin pack, this scent when you want to take some time out to reflect, gain some understanding, develop some perspective and find some peace.

This scent creates space for reflection and understandings to occur and it helps the brain process thoughts in a way that you can hear them, start to de-clutter them and gain some understanding on events or situations that may have occurred.

Basically you can start with either candle, burn them for 2-3 hours at a time, allow your brain to process and then switch over to the other scent..

 The Male Energy Collection for her, him, they & us…

These scents are handcrafted and carefully blended to invoke male healing energy. They are for all genders and each scent has been blended for a specific purpose as per the name of the scent.

The scents are not harsh and you won’t find any other scents like these as I am guided to blend each and every one of them by hand.

These must have black matte candle jars come with 3 different lid types which means you can personalise them by choosing from Timber, Silver or Rose Gold.

M A L E   E N E R G Y   S C E N T S

for her, him, they & us…

  • Purpose: Provides reflection time and help you to gain some perspective
  • Use when you want to take some time out to reflect, gain some understanding and find some peace. Learn more

  • Purpose: Creates space to unwind, take time out and relax
  • Use when you want to feel relaxed, unwind and give yourself some time out from pressure you may be feeling. Learn more

  • Purpose: Creates space for you to rest and restore
  • Use when you want to take time out for a rest, let go of some pressure and restore your energy. Learn More

  • Purpose: Rebuilds trust that everything will work out and you'll be ok
  • Use when you feel like nothing is working out how you want or when you are feeling doubtful. Learn more 

  • Purpose: Release stress, pressure, worry, frustration & fear
  • Use when have had a guts full and really want to let go of all it all to feel lighter and clearer. Learn more

  • Purpose: Reconnect with yourself and feel a sense of silence
  • Use when you feel scattered, your head is full of chatter or when you feel disconnected. Learn more

What others are saying…

Oh Yeah, Loving this new scent, I’m starting to sleep much better, my mind is becoming clearer, the kids are less scatty and my husband is enjoying it too. Great for the whole family, the only thing is, my husband keeps nicking the candle for his man cave! Nads

I started using the new scent last week and I like to pop it on at night when I’ve done my days chores. I like how different the scent is and I feel alot more revived and renewed when I wake up the next day. I have also been sleeping better. This is a good scent. Russell

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