Male Energy Scents Trial Kit

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Welcome to our Trial Kits

If only we could sniff through the internet right? But we can’t, so we’ve created these trial scent packs which contains all scents in a collection which consists of 6 Scent Sachets.

Here’s just some of the benefits:

  • You can sniff them all so you know exactly what you want to order,
  • carry them in your pocket or handbag and inhale when needed,
  • make your clothes smell good by putting a melt in your drawer,
  • trial them as a melt and experience how different the scents are

P.S Did you know the more you buy, the more you save? If you would like to get a jump start, and order more than 1 trial kit today, click here to see your offer


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Each sample is a love heart melt which is perfect to use in a melt burner, carry in your pocket or simply just sniff to experience them.

Your pack will contain these scents:

  • Reflection
  • Relax
  • Release it all!
  • Reassurance
  • Rest & Retore
  • Reconnect

The scents you are attracted to are the best ones to start with, the scents you are not are the ones you will also need to use in the future. Our scents work very differently as we hand blend and they have been guided by spirit. Therefore a scent that you like today, you might not like tomorrow and this is how exactly they are meant to work. They are here to help you clear and shift emotions to help you feel better.


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