5D Energy Scents

Are you ready to feel balanced and more in control?

Elevate your energy with our powerful collection of 5D scents, designed to support your transition from 3D energy to 5D. These scents help balance your body, mind, and spirit, cleansing old, heavy energies and stabilising new, empowering ones. Manifest your desires with ease and grace during this transformative journey.

🏖️ 5D Ascension:  Assists you to ascend and raise your vibration from 3D to 5D energy.

5D Balance: Helps you assimilate and balance 5D energy and is essential for those consciously working with 5D energy.

🌿 5D Cleanse: Perfect for combating fatigue, negativity, and low energy levels. This scent swiftly clears negativity and rejuvenates your energy to the free-flowing 5D state.

🚀 5D Manifesting: Experience full 5D flow and manifest your desires with ease and speed.

🌸 5D Resonance: Harness and stabilise 5D energy, reset, regain balance, and reduce emotional ups and downs.

🌟 5D Transition: Supports the transition from 3D to 5D energy. Holds space for a smoother, faster transition.

Embrace the 5D experience and transform your energy today.

Introducing 5D Energy Scents 

"The Ultimate Ascension Helper"

Assists you to ascend and and raise your vibration from 3D to 5D energy and is super helpful with any ascension symptions you may be having. 

Use it when feeling...
  • low in energy, feeling down,
  • lethargic, frustrated, tired
  • finding it difficult to get active and motivated.
  • Feeling confused and out of sorts.
Use when you want to feel
  • uplifted and motivated
  • to increase your vibration
  • to shift your energy
  • move yourself into 5D energy
  • when you want to experience free flow energy
  • when you want a pick up
"The Energetic Balancer"

This scent assists you to assimilate and balance 5D energy and is “vital” when you are starting to consciously work with 5D energy”. 

Use when feeling
  • of out balance
  • restless, insecure
  • low in energy
  • dropping things
  • bumping into things
  • scattered energy
Use when want to feel
  • balanced
  • centred
  • in control
  • a sense of calm
  • regain energy
"Your Ultimate Energy Refresher"

If you’re experiencing fatigue, tiredness, negativity, or low energy levels, the 5D cleanse offers a quick and potent solution.

Elevate your vibration with this powerful scent, designed to swiftly clear away negativity and rejuvenate your energy to the free-flowing 5D state.

Use when feeling
  • feeling tired or exhausted
  • energtically feeling yucky
  • not liking how you feel
  • having negative thoughts
  • when things are messy
Use when want to feel
  • calm and clear
  • centred and balanced
  • energtically clean
  • invigorated and inspired
  • to feel better
"The Manifestation Amplifier"

Oh Yeah! Wait until you experience full 5D flow, its AHmazing! This scent helps to attract 5D Free Flow so you can manifest exactly what you want much easier and faster. 

Use when feeling
  • things are not manifesting
  • when you are feeling stuck
  • creations are not happening
  • it feels like you keep hitting brick walls
  • nothing seems to be flowing
Use when you want to
  • clear blockages
  • create and manifest
  • have clear visions
  • to focus on what you want
  • to attract your manifesations
"The Silent Stabiliser"

This scent helps to harness and stabilise 5D energy and assists you too reset, regain balance and reduce the ups & downs when you are feeling all over the place. 

Use when feeling
  • you are feeling scattered
  • your energy is shakey
  • feeling rattled & unsettled
  • things are feeling all over the place
  • you feel restless
Use when you want to
  • things to feel grounded
  • to feel settled and whole
  • to establish a stable base
  • to gentle restable yourself
  • settle your mind
"The Ritual Starter"

This scent helps to transition 3D energy to 5D and is the “in-between energy supporter”. It helps to “hold the space for the transition phase to be easier and faster” 

Use when feeling
  • feeling wobbly
  • feeling in between energies
  • feel up and down
  • feeling impatient
  • thoughts are annoying
Use when you want to
  • feel comfortable
  • have a stable space
  • be balanced and grounded
  • feel supported
  • feel at ease

What others are saying…

” When the 5D collection arrived I was fortunate enough to get the whole collection in Scent Oils and they do exactly as they say. I feel the 3D Energy shift, cleanse, transform and whenever my energy is wobbly, these are my go to scents.  Scheree – Vic ❤️  ☆☆☆☆☆ 

“These scents are simply divine and they are certainly ‘scents for the soul’ ?  You can feel that they are made with love for our healing, happiness and growth ? Thank you so much AJe for creating these beautiful scents for us! ” Jacinta SA ☆☆☆☆☆ 

“I  love the amazing variety of the Solaz Scents but this collection is special. They really do shift the 3D energy very quickly and I notice that while others seem to get stuck in drama and emotions, I don’t seem to be bothered our touched by it. One of my favs is 5D cleanse and if you are new to Solaz, you will not be disappointed, as Aje pours love into every scent that she creates.  ?    Cheryl – WA Author/Illustrator ☆☆☆☆☆

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If only we could sniff throught the internet right?

but since we can’t, we’ve created these trial scent packs, which contain all the scents in the collection of your choice allowing you to experience the sensory delight of our intuitively blended scents..

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