5D Energy Scents to help you feel better…

Are you ready to feel balanced and more in control?

This collection supports you with the 5D Ascension process with each blend having a specific purpose to help you Cleanse, Balance and Transition from 3D energy to 5D and don’t worry if this sounds like mumbo jumbo, doesn’t make sense or sounds too good to be true, you can click on the Learn more links and trust me you might be surprised how much of the information relates to you.

Introducing 5D Energy Scents to help you feel better…

These scents are handcrafted and carefully blended to help you clear old energy and bring in fresh energy. They are for all genders and each and every scent has been blended for a specific purpose as per the name of the scent. The scents are not harsh on the nose and you find any other scents like them because we don’t just stick oils in the wax and call them the name of a fruit or smell.  We blend each and every one of them by hand and we make each and every order just for you.

“The Ultimate Ascension Helper”

  • Purpose: This is the one that you’ve been waiting for, this scent assists you to ascend and raise your vibration to 5D and is super helpful with ascension symptoms you may be experiencing.
  • Use when you want to feel better and lift your vibration Learn more

“The Energetic Balancer” 

  • Purpose: This scent assists you to assimilate and balance 5D energy and is “vital” when you are starting to consciously work with 5D energy” 
  • Use when you want to balance your energy and feel back in control. Learn more

“The Ultimate Vibration Cleanse”

  • Purpose: This scent assists you to cleanse 3D NRG (energy) and raises your vibration to 5D.It helps shift vibrations in your body so that the ascension symptoms can transition easier.
  • Use when you are feeling tired, exhausted and want to clear the energy to feel better. Learn more

“The Manifestation Amplifier” 

  • Purpose:Oh Yeah! Wait until you experience full 5D flow, its AHmazing! This scent helps to attract 5D Free Flow so you can manifest exactly what you want 
  • Use when you want to focus on creating what you want Learn more

The Silent Stabiliser”

  • Purpose: This scent helps to harness and stabilise 5D energy and assists you too reset, regain balance and reduce the ups & downs when you are feeling all over the place.
  • Use when you want to regain balance and feel calm Learn more

“The Ritual Starter” 

  • Purpose: This scent helps to transition 3D energy to 5D and is the “in-between energy supporter”. It helps to “hold the space for the transition phase to be easier and faster”..
  • Use you want to stop feeling wobbly and start feeling balanced and back in the flow Learn more

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These oils are hand blended and contain 30mls of our pure blended oils that we use in our products.  You can use them in oil burners, electronic diffusers and even pop some on your wrist so you can take the scent with you.  To help you get started we have put together some packs which allow you to choose the scents you want and the more you buy, the more you save..

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