5D Energy Scents

This collection supports you with the 5D Ascension process with each blend having a specific purpose to help you cleanse, balance and transition from 3D energy to 5D. 

5D Ascension

“The Ultimate Ascension Helper”

This is the one that you’ve been waiting for, this scent assists you to ascend and raise your vibration to 5D and is super helpful with ascension symptons you may be experiencing.

The blend is a truly gorgeous scent which is a bonus! Learn more

5D Balance

“The Essential Energetic Balancer”

This scent assists you to assimilate and balance 5D energy and is “vital” when you are starting to consciously work with 5D energy”.

When you start learning or forming a new habit, it takes practice and effort just like it does when you start to consciously focus on assimilating and balancing 5D energy. Learn more…



“The Ultimate Vibration Cleanse Helper”

This scent assists you to cleanse 3D NRG (energy) and raises your vibration to 5D.

It helps shift vibrations in your body so that the ascension symptoms can transition easier and you can feel less lethargic and more balanced. Learn more…



5D Manifesting

“The Ultimate Manifestation Amplifier”

Oh Yeah! Wait until you experience full 5D flow, its AHmazing!

This scent helps to attract 5D Free Flow so you can manifest exactly what you want using the new 5D method which is included when you purchase this scent. Learn more…





5D Resonance

“The Silent Stabiliser”

Are you experiencing up & downs?

This scent helps to attract harness and stabilise 5D energy and assists you to reset, regain balance and reduce the ups & downs when learning to integrate 5D energy.


5D Transition

“The Ritual Starter”

 Welcome to 5D Transition, this scent helps to transition 3D energy and vibration to 5D and is the “in-between energy supporter”

It helps you to “hold the space” for the transition stage to occur and helps you to feel at ease during this period.



would you like the maximum 5d support you can get?

We highly recommend getting the whole collection so that you will have 24/7 scent support and be able to use which scent you need depending on which phase you are in.  To help you get started, below are the 5D Collection packs.