Welcome to our Sacred Scents

Our scents are spirit guided and handcrafted with TLC and we make them  fresh for each individual order.


Each scent has a spiritual purpose and helps you to to shift emotions, energy and vibrations.


Welcome to Solaz Scents for your Soul.

We are a family owned business and offer Scent blends that are guided by spirit (literally) which help shift emotions, vibration and energy.

Each Scent has a name which is also the purpose. For example the Scent name “Balance” is blended to help create balance.

Our Scents support your emotional growth and journey..

These scents support your journey, they support your evolution and they support what ever spiritual, emotional or physical work you are doing. Each of the scents is designed to compliment your intentions, goals and processes of spiritual growth.

How we started…

One late evening in 2014, Anjie heard from spirit “You need to make candles” and that night she started.  Since then, she has been blending oils “guided by spirit” and hasn’t looked back.

The scents continue to evolve to match current vibrations and we now offer Spiritual Support Sessions so we can really help our customers create the life they want.

In 2020 we received alot of new blends to help all of us deal with the challenges we are all working through and whats even more exciting is, there are many more blends coming!

Australian Made & Owned

This is a family owned, hand-made business, we make each order just for you!

  If you’re not happy, we will fix it!  Customer service and high quality is our goal!

We come from a place of soulful integrity, intention and gratitude and trust that you’ve found us for a reason.

The Solaz Team

 Mumze & Anjie have been hand-crafting the candles and packing the orders with TLC since 2014 and all products are made at home.

How we want to help you..

Aromatherapy Healing can help you shift things in your life that may have seemed like permenant roadblocks in the past.

We are growing together, helping each other and sharing our journeys together.

Please don’t be shy, reach out if you’d like to chat about where you’re at in your own journey. Our Facebook group is a wonderful place to start plugging into the community of like minded and soulful connections.

How our Scents work

Spirit Guided


Spirit Guided blend creation

Created for specific purposes


Intention/Intuition Guided use

Depending on your intention, each scent is both created in a Spirit Guided way and can be used in a Spirit Guided way.


The 'sniff-test' way

You can find the scent that ‘speaks/smells good’ to you in your Solaz collection to be guided by your physical olfactory intuition.


Yes today, No tomorrow, yes again next week??

These Scents can smell different to you on any given day, as your needs, desires and intentions vary based on your vibration and what’s happening in your life.

Certain scents resonate with you on one day, but won’t the next. And then a week later it’s your absolute favourite again!

Dip your toes in with our

Trial Scent Packs 

To help get you started, our Trial Scent Packs, have little scent pouches that enable you to smell and experience just how delicately blended our Scents are.

The Top 3 Benefits; – Each scent pouch has;

The Scent Name and it’s purpose

The ingredients we used to create the blend

and last but not least, you’ll get to experience the scents.

Here’s how we recommend to use them;

Open each pack and sniff them – put the ones you like on your right and the ones you are not sure of on your left and then you can do any of the following.

  1. Choose your favourite scents, then visit solaz.com.au and your can order them in a candle, melts, diffuser or scent oils.  (Highly recommend you use the value pack options as its better value for money).
  2. Choose a scent and carry it with you (in a pocket, purse or handbag) and sniff when you want to experience the scent
  3. You can use a sample in a melt burner (for a few burns) to test how strong and well they work.

The first pack we suggest you order is the Sacred Collection as they are the latest complete collection and most popular scents.


Welcome to our Collection Trial Kits

If only we could sniff through the internet right? But we can’t, so we’ve created these trial scent packs which contains all scents in a collection which consists of 6-7 Scent Sachets.

The benefits of the trial kits are:

  • You can trial them as a melt
  • Sniff them to help you experience the scent
  • Carry a few in your bag and inhale when needed
P.S If you would like to get a jump start, you order more than 1 trial kit today, we’ll also give you FREE POSTAGE & $5 off each one but only whilst stocks last

Try a sample of some of our scents.