Introducing the Cleanse scents collection

“the essential scents for absolutely everyone”“.

Are you ready to be uplifted and feel better?

🌟 Embrace our cleanse collection: 6 intuitively blended scents designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and energy fields. The ultimate must-have for holistic wellness!🌟

Crafted to cleanse and refresh your body, mind, and energy this collection promotes holistic wellness and sustainability.

Chest & Throat: Clears the chest, lungs, throat and assists with breathing.

🌿 Etheric Cleanse: Purifies the etheric energy of people and spaces.

💖 Higher Self Cleanse: Connects you to your higher self and source.

🌸 Mind Cleanse: Clears the 3rd eye, enhances focus, and boosts intuition.

🏖️ Sinus Cleanse: Relieves nasal congestion and improves breathing.

🚀 Spirit & Soul: Cleanses your spirit and the environment around you.

Elevate your well-being with the Cleanse Collection. Your key to a healthier, more balanced life. 

Introducing the Cleanse Scents

"The health keeper"

  Breathes life into your chest, lungs, and throat, opening pathways for clearer air.

Use it when..

Use it when you start to feel a tickle in your throat or if you have a cough or cold

"The ultimate energy cleanser"

Sweeps away energetic cobwebs, purifying the etheric energy of people and spaces

Use it when...

Use it when you want to purify etheric energy of people and spaces

"The source connector"

Lifts you to the mountaintop of your higher self, bridging the gap to your source.

Use it when...

Use it to cleanse all 7 chakras and to connect with your higher self

"The 3rd eye cleanser"

Polishes the window of your third eye, sharpening focus,  amplifying intuition and clearing negative thoughts

Use it when...

Use it when you feel scattered, confused, mentally tired and want some clarity and a clear connection to your 3rd eye.

"The noses best friend"

Unblocks the rivers of your sinuses, allowing for smoother, easier breathing.

Use it when...

Use it when you nose is blocked up, having sinus issues, allergies and want to clear the nose.

"The divine soul cleanser"

Launches your spirit into a realm of purity, cleansing both your inner world and the environment around you.

Use it when

Use it when you want to cleanse yourself and the space that it’s placed in.

What others are saying…

I keep a diffuser in my bathroom and find the scent works really well and keeps the bathroom fresh and I use the candle to keep the family healthy. Grateful it actually works. Priss

I like the Chest & Throat and have a diffuser in my office. It helps keep me healthy and the office smells cleanse which helps me to focus on my work. Tyrell 

“I used to get ill all the time until Sinus Cleanse came along, I am so grateful. Not only does it smell AHmazing it works. ” AJe – Intuitive @ Solaz Scents

“The etheric Cleanse is my absolute go to scent and I will admit that I’m addicted. It love how it cleanses the energy in my house and there is nothing like the scent – it smells divine” Thanks So much for blending this one. Phyllis

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These melts are hand-poured using our own secret blends, ensuring they are crafted with high-quality ingredients and deliver a strong scent throw within minutes of lighting. Free from additional additives and colorants, they won’t stain your burners. Suitable for both traditional tea-light burners and electric burners, each melt is made with tender loving care (TLC).

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If only we could sniff through the internet right?

but since we can’t, we’ve created these trial scent packs, which contain all the scents in the collection of your choice allowing you to experience the sensory delight of our intuitively blended scents..

 BUT every time we run this offer…
we sell out super fast and we only have a limited number available because each and every one is hand-made with TLC and they take us a long time.

Our scents help you feel better..

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stick them in a jar and label them after their ingredients.

Nah uh! that’s NOT us at all.