If only we could sniff through the internet right?

but since we can’t, we’ve created these trial scent packs, which contain all the scents in the collection of your choice allowing you to experience the sensory delight of our intuitively blended scents..

🌟 Discover and unveil the enchantment of our Intuitively Blended Scents! 🌟

✨ Limited Edition Trial Kits✨

Trial Kit includes:
 ✨ The entire set of 6 heart shaped melts in the collection of your choice
✨ A beautiful metallic box
✨ A complimentary  Scents Guide

Here’s how to unlock their magic:

🌿  Versatile Usage: Perfect for use in both traditional or electric burner.
🌸 Scent Experience: Immerse yourself in the delightful aromas of each scent. 
🌈 Freshen Up Your Clothes: Place a melt in your drawer to keep your clothes smelling delightful.
💫  Unique Blends: Discover the extraordinary difference of our intuitively crafted  scents
👜 Portable Convenience: Slip one in your bag and indulge in sensory bliss on the go.

**P.S.** Ready for more? Order multiple trial kits and enjoy FREE POSTAGE plus additional discounts (but only while stocks last). 

 Act Fast! Every time we run this offer, we sell out quickly. Out stock is limited because one is lovingly hand-made, taking a significant amount of time and care.
Claim yours now  ⬇ 

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What our customers want to share with you…

“These scents are simply divine and they are certainly ‘scents for the soul’ ?  You can feel that they are made with love for our healing, happiness and growth ? Thank you so much AJe for creating these beautiful scents for us! ” Jacinta SA ☆☆☆☆☆ 

“I  love the amazing variety of the Solaz Scents.  Whether I am looking for something uplifting, soothing, supportive, cleansing, creative, connecting or spiritual.  These amazing scents have supported me for many years, and are the go to gifts I chose for my family and friends.  There is even a range to support men and children, so everyone benefits.  If you are new to Solaz, you will not be disappointed, as Aje pours love into every scent that she creates.  ?    Cheryl – WA Author/Illustrator ☆☆☆☆☆

” I love the energy and amazing intentions behind each scent and I use them in candles, diffusers, melts and scent oils. Each scent does exactly what it says it does and I’ve had powerful experience using these scents and its been 11years now. I highly recommend them to everyone” Paula Darch  ☆☆☆☆☆

 “There is something very unique about Solaz that has kept me hooked as a long term customer. I love that each scent has it’s own purpose as I like to select what scent I need, depending on what I’ve got on in my day, my mood or what I feel I need at the time. These are the only scents that I love to buy and my partner reminds me to put a melt or candle on if I forget it. Danielle B – SA kiss ☆☆☆☆☆

” When I recently purchased my candles, I was given a few sample melts to try. Happiness 24 was one of them. I’m so grateful for this gift, it’s absolutely amazing and smells like Happiness!! Even my 14 year old son loves it. This one is definitely in my next order”.  Scheree – Vic ❤️  ☆☆☆☆☆ 

We intuitively blend scents to help you feel better.

 Let me explain what this means…

If you choose the “11ev8 Scent” – it helps elevate your energy and attracts positive energy.

If you use the Happiness 24 scent, it lifts your emotions and attracts happiness.

Our scents help you feel better..

because we don’t just buy oils…

stick them in a jar and label them after their ingredients.

Nah uh! that’s NOT us at all.