If only we could sniff throught the internet right?

but we can’t so we’ve created these trial packs to give you the chance to experience just how different our scents are…

    Each trial pack includes all scents in the collection that you choose (6-7 Scent Sachets) so you can experience how unique they smell.

Our scents help you feel better..

because we don’t just buy oils…

stick them in a jar and label them after their ingredients.

Nah uh! that’s NOT us at all.

We hand blend Scents with a Purpose

If you choose the “5D Ascension Scent” – it will help you to ascend and raise your vibration.

The Sinus Cleanse helps you to clear the nose, sinus and assists you to breathe.

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We do apologise if they are not all available, we do recommend to get them all if you can so you don’t miss out.

Hand-crafted with TLC just for you!