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5D cleanse

“The Ultimate Vibration Cleanse helper”

This scent assists you to cleanse 3D NRG (energy) and raises your vibration to 5D. It  helps shift vibrations in your body so that the ascension symptoms can transition easier.

When you breathe in the scent and set the intention in your mind of “clearing any 3D energy” you will be amazed how things start to release quite quickly and just how things process without drama and emotions.

This scent helps to “clear the slate” and when you state the intention, make sure you are ready for the slate to be clear” because both Nadene & myself use this and it’s the fastest and most effective method we’ve found that delivers results.

Have you been experiencing any of these 5D Ascension Symptoms?

Feeling unwell – Spiritual Flu?

This can be a combination of many of the physical symptoms listed. Even though you have flu like symptoms, you’re not actually ‘physically ill’. It’s more of an energetic sickness that passes over 24-48 hours. It can often feel like a ‘spiritual fire’ is rising within you – cleansing and clearing any toxic energy in your cells and bringing them up to a higher, finer vibration.

Ensure you have the 5D Cleanse scent going to help this clear.

Ears receiving high-vibration sounds?

This will sound like a tuning fork being struck in one ear or the other. A high vibration sound slowly tunes in and then out. It doesn’t hurt and is random (this is not the same as tinnitus). Ear downloads are the way that high vibration 5D information is absorbed by your energy body.

You’re receiving instructions on your next steps and whilst you may not be able to decipher what the messages mean. Just pause, allow them to absorb and say, ‘Thank you’. You’ll probably find that in a few days it will make sense.

Got sore muscles and joints?

This can be caused by old, toxic energy leaving your cells.

It’s important to MOVE your body to assist in the assimilation of higher vibration. If you don’t, the energy can become stuck and cause painful muscles and joints. So keep moving.

Feeling lethargic?

This can occur when you’re not looking after your body very well.

Ensure that you address your diet when in ascension mode and consume high-frequency (fresh, plant based foods) and drink lots of filtered water – limit processed foods where possible.


Having lower back issues?

Issues of feeling supported (or not) often play out in our lower back. You could find that as you change and others around you do not, you could feel frustrated and like you’re all out on your own. This is often when backs can seize up – as you feel unsupported and can manifest this feeling in your back which supports your body.


Trust that there is plenty of support all around you and that you’re truly capable of manifesting what you want. Lie on the ground, be outdoors and lean against a tree for good grounding (our grounding scent is good for this as well)

Experiencing sore neck and shoulders?

You could find that your neck becomes stiff (extending down to your shoulders) when you’re not accepting the new information and higher vibration coming down into your physical body.

Be flexible and allowing of change. Recognise that there are many ways to achieve your goals. Practicing openness and dropping fear of the unknown will assist.

Guess what?

 You are not alone!  



“The Ultimate Vibration Cleanse Helper”

This spirit guided scent assists you to cleanse 3D NRG (energy) and raises your vibration to 5D.


What others are saying about 5D Cleanse

Firstly I love this scent, it makes me want to sniff it all the time but more importantly I’m using this every couple of days to cleanse any 3D energy that I pick up when I’m about and about.

Anjie Camens

Owner, Solaz Scents for your Soul

Cleansing a whole new dimension has been an amazing experience. I enjoy this scent (if only briefly) as I play with all the 5D Scents and figure out how to use them all.

Nadéne Metcalfe

Coach, Spiritual Adventures

Here's why you should have this scent handy?

“It helps your body to process the changes and assists to clear any 3D energy that you might no even consciously by aware of”


Why work so hard all by yourself to clear your emotions and thoughts when this scent can work with you so the process is easier, fast and more effective?


Anjie – Owner Solaz Scents for Your Soul