Introducing 5D Cleanse

“Introducing the 5D Cleanse Scent: Your Ultimate Energy Refresher”

This scent is like a gentle breeze sweeping through your spirit, cleansing away the heaviness of 3D energy, fatigue, negativity, and low energy, and lifting you to the higher vibrations of 5D. As you breathe in the scent and set the intention of “clearing energy,” you’ll be amazed at how quickly things start to release, processing smoothly without drama or emotional turmoil, and rejuvenating your energy to the free-flowing 5D state of freedom and tranquility.

Use this scent when you’re…

 feeling tired, exhausted, experiencing negative thoughts, and your energy is low, it’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to wash away the heavy, negative energy and lift your vibration to the free-flowing peaceful 5D energy.

Here’s just some of the benefits you’ll experience when you use this scent…

✨  Cleanses Heavy Energy: Clears away 3D energy, fatigue, and negativity.

🌟  Elevates Vibrations: Lifts your vibration to the free-flowing 5D state.

🌸 Promotes Emotional Balance: Helps process emotions smoothly without drama.

🌿 Rejuvenates Spirit: Refreshes and revitalises your overall energy.

🏖️ Enhances Clarity: Brings mental clarity and a sense of calm.

🚀  Boosts Mood: Uplifts your mood and promotes positive feelings.

From us to you

OMG! Firstly I love this scent, it makes me want to sniff it all the time but more importantly I’m using this every couple of days to cleanse any 3D energy that I pick up when I’m about and about in society. I find it works so efficiently and I love the scent that lingers in the room after it’s not burning. There is a reason this is one of our most popular scents. AJE@solazscents

Cleansing a whole new dimension has been an amazing experience for me and the whole family . I enjoy this scent as I play with all the 5D Scents. So far they are excellent and yet another powerful collection of scents that uplift and make us feel better. Nadene – Coach – Spiritual Adventures

Before you shop with us…

We don’t just make one product; we always pair it with another scent or create two of the same scent. It’s like receiving a beautifully wrapped gift with a bonus surprise inside. Each product is handmade with tender loving care (TLC), giving you better value for your money. The more scents you have, the better you’ll feel, as they work together to enhance your experience.

If you’re unsure which scent to pair with this one, you can order a trial kit below, which includes all the scents in this collection.

Our recommendation…

We recommend pairing this scent with 5D Balance, like a harmonious duet that not only cleanses but also tunes your energy to perfection. After using 5D Cleanse to clear the negative and heavy energy, 5D Balance helps you assimilate and harmonize with 5D energy, achieving a state of balance and free flow..

5D Cleanse is part of the 5D collection