Wellness Packs

Is it time to give yourself some attention?

Have you found the last few years to be unlike any others you have experienced before? Have you been feeling unmotivated, uncertain of your future and been using most of your energy to just get through each day?  Does your mind run wild with so many thoughts that you wish you could just shut them down? Have you been through lockdown and are just starting to realise some of the affects that you are experiencing from that? If you have any kids, how are they travelling mentally? Are they withdrawn, losing social skills or keep their emotions hidden?

If you can relate to any of these questions, then I highly recommend you take some time and look at which of these packs can assist you and your family the most.

The packs will help you 

to gently process emotions and feelings that you may have been keeping deep down within. The Scents create space for reflection, understandings and learnings which can help you let go of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Depending on which pack/s you choose,  each one of them has a specific purpose to help you feel better and find a sense of calm.

R U ready to give your mental health a boost? 

then let these scents help you to shift emotions, feelings and confusion in a gentle way that you will only understand once you experience for yourself.

Over the last 2 years I have personally experienced alot of trauma, loss and grief.  I had almost everything ripped out from under me which involved losing loved ones, my beloved dogs, standing my ground with a big global company, no longer being employed and almost losing my mind at the same time!  However I am proud to say that whilst I am a very different person than i used to be, I have got through it and one of my biggest supporters has been the Mental Health Kits. Fortunately for me I have full access to them and have each and every pack so I have been able to choose exactly which scent I needed at the time and let its work it magic.

Honestly don’t think I would be anywhere near as stable without them. There were times I was angry, sad, disappointed, frustrated and felt flat out useless.  

But with every burn of a candle, sniff of a diffuser and letting the scents help me, I have evolved and its been worth it and it’s my honour to share these mental health packs with you in the hope they will help you like they helped me.  With Gratitude AJe – Intuitive and created @Solaz Scents

Introducing H O L O G R A P H I C

Wellness Packs

Thats right to help brighten you up,  we’ve selected these stunning HOLOGRAPHIC JARS that consist of so many colours and reflections, its just Awesome!

Wellness Packs


The ultimate in-home luxury; our Holographic Jars are absolutely stunning and one of the most on-trend pieces in home décor! Simply choose the pack you want.

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The ultimate in-home luxury; our Holographic Jars are absolutely stunning and one of the most on-trend pieces in home décor! These must-have candle jars are made of high quality glass and produce a beautiful shiny finish that reflects stunning light.

Each packs contains 2 Holographic Jars with complimentary scents.
Large Jar, single wicked and contain 350mls of scented wax
Approximate burn time: Approx. 48hrs
Timber Lids included

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Chillax, Clearing & Alignment, Grief Support, Health Cleanse, Love & Comfort, Mind Cleanse, New Beginnings, Uplifting


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oh Yeah! these are friggin sensational!  Best Jars ever and I’m addicted to the uplifting pack, and the health cleanse is great for winter.  Actually they are all good but you don’t get it, until you get them if you know what I mean!  The Scents are strong and I love how the room smells great even when they are not lit! Pristar

I’ve used AJe’s candles ever since I met her back in 2017 and I just love these scents, they are like nothing else out there.  My favourite is the Chillax Pack and I find the Health Cleanse Pack really helpful in winter. I highly recommend these. Tyrell.