How our Scents work

Our scents are spirit-guided and handcrafted with TLC and we make them fresh for each individual order.

Each scent has a spiritual purpose and helps you to shift emotions, energy and vibrations.

Spirit Guided


Spirit Guided blend creation

Created for specific purposes


Intention/Intuition Guided use

Depending on your intention, each scent is both created in a Spirit Guided way and can be used in a Spirit Guided way.


The 'sniff-test' way

You can find the scent that 'speaks/smells good' to you in your Solaz collection to be guided by your physical olfactory intuition.


Yes today, No tomorrow, yes again next week??

These Scents can smell different to you on any given day, as your needs, desires and intentions vary based on your vibration and what's happening in your life.

Certain scents resonate with you on one day, but won't the next. And then a week later it's your absolute favourite again!

Why are these Scents so effective?

Smell can change our behaviour entirely as fragrance expert Roja Dove discloses: “Scent is our first response to encroaching stimuli, whether that’s sniffing sour milk before we drink it or smelling a fire before we see it, often making us have a reaction. It’s the same with soothing scents – they have a cocooning effect that relaxes us, makes us feel at home and create a sense of peace!”

“Scent can absolutely act as a form of therapy, connecting to your moods and feelings via the limbic system,” explains perfumer Azzi Glasser.

“That’s why children often sniff their teddies and blankets; certain smells bring us comfort.” Being enveloped in scent is a cognitive and fragrant hug of the most cushioning kind.

Some science

When scent enters the nose, it travels through the cranial nerves straight to the olfactory bulb, which helps the brain process smell. This bulb is part of the limbic system and can easily access the amygdalae, a group of nuclei which play a vital role in our emotional memories.

The olfactory bulbs (green) transmit smell information from the nose to the brain, necessary for a proper sense of smell.

The amygdalae (pink) (singular: amygdala) perform a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions!

How to use our Scents

A way to use this with great effect is to recognise the emotion that you want to shift, and then sniff/smell the scent, visualising it entering in through the nose and flowing all through the body.

As it travels through the body, finding where the emotion is attached throughout the body (it can be in multiple places), it clears away the blocks, leaving a clear pathway for consciously choosing your new emotional vibrations.

Finding your Scent using the ‘sniff-test’

Simply go to your Solaz Scents collection and sniff the scents. The one that ‘speaks/feels or smells right’ to you in that moment (this is your physical olfactory intuition guiding you) is the scent which can assist you to balance your vibration.

If you are just getting started with us, each scent has a purpose and this is an easy way to help you choose what you need.  Just ask yourself “What do I need right now? If the answer is balance, simply use the balance scent in the melts, diffuser, candles or scent oils.

There are usually around 30 Scents. (Give or take oil availabilities and limited scents)

Below the Scents are listed Alphabetically.

Below that there is an exploration of our products (the containers to house these scents)

And then a bit more about each of the collections.

How to Shop our Single Scents - scroll to see all our Scents

Each of these Scents has these options available, via the drop-down when you click into the scent.

*ALL of these are available in Twin Packs that will save you money too.


We have 2 Regular Value Kits that combine some of our products using the same scent.

Coloured Glass Jars

These funky jars come in some amazing colours and kids absolutely love them.

The jars come with their matching coloured lid and will have our labels around them, so when you (inevitably) end up with a large collection, it’s easy to find the scent you need.

 Select the Scent you want and you will be sent a random coloured jar.

Or you can opt to Create your own Candle – selecting your Jar, colour, and then select your scent.

Mosaic Glass Jars

These are our Signature candle jars.

They are large, beautiful and refillable too. (Or you can use the empties as storage containers)

These jars come with a beautiful wooden lid and each jar has our tag around it to you can find the scent you want in your Solaz Collection.

Select the Scent you want and you will be sent a random coloured mosaic jar.

Or you can opt to Create your own Candle – selecting your Jar, colour, and then select your scent.

Our Diffuser range

We are always getting new styles and even some special limited edition styles.

Select the Scent you want and you will be sent a randomly chosen diffuser bottle, collar and reed colour.

Or  you can to select your own style – Shop by Diffuser (choose you bottle, collar, reeds and then Scent)


Melts are one of the best ways to enjoy our scents. Our melts come in a 6 pack that keeps their scent all the way up to the last burn.

Scent Oils

Our Scent Oils are brilliant to use in diffusers and easy to carry with you if you need a quick sniff of a particular scent during the day.

Spiritual Support Sessions

We've introduced Coaching and Spiritual Support.

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