Welcome to the Scents Guide

One of the best ways to choose what scents are right for you is to read the name & purpose of the scent and choose them using this process…

Our Scents are blended to help shift emotions and help you feel better, so please don’t get stuck on the ingredients because our scents are so well blended they are not sharp on your nose and to get the full benefits of the scents, we ask you to trust the name and the purpose of the scents.

2022 Fresh Start

Attracts Positive Energy to give you a fresh start!

2022 Yes!

Helps to Attract What you Want! Smell this and say YES outloud to something you want!

5D Ascension

Assists you to ascend & raise your vibration to 5D

5D Balance

Assists you to assimilate and balance 5D energy.

5D Cleanse

Assists you to cleanse 3D NRG & raise your vibration to 5D

5D Free Flow

Attracts Free Flowing 5D Energy

5D Manifesting

Attracts 5D free flow to help you manifest what you want!

5D Resonance

Assists you to harness and stabilise 5D energy

5D Transition

Assists you to transition 3D energy and vibrations to 5D


To clear blocks & create abundance


Creates balance and attracts harmony

Calm & Relax

Creates calm energy to enable relaxation

Care & Comfort

To provide the feelings of comfort, warmth & nurturing

Chest & Throat Cleanse

To clear the chest, lungs, throat and assist breathing


Created to bring you ‘Clarity’ & ‘Focus’


Manifest your wants & goals

Define & Decide

Assists with decision making and defining your next choice!

Etheric Cleanse

To cleanse your etheric energy field

Feel Better

To help you feel better!


To consciously practice gratitude

Grief Support

Supports you to heal & shift feelings of grief and sadness


Creates calm, peace & serenity and helps you feel grounded

Mind Cleanse

To cleanse the 3rd eye & to clear the mind

Sacred Alignment

To help align your energy, vibration and emotions from your inner core to the higher self

Sacred Clearing

To clear from the inside out & feel a sense of calm, clarity and peace

Sacred Earth

To ground, connect & center EARTH energy within

Sacred Harmony

To enhance Inner peace and harmony

Sacred Healing

To help the body and soul to heal

Sacred Relax

To help relax, calm and center you at a sacred level

Sacred Senses

To awaken, restore and balance the senses!

Sinus Cleanse

To cleanse the sinus, nose and assist breathing

Soul Unity

To attract love and help unite souls

Spirit & Soul Cleanse

To cleanse the Spirit & Soul and the area that it’s placed in


To create meaningful coincidences