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“next level scents that transform, lift your frequency and attract happiness”

This collection is essential to support you with all the transformations and transitions that will happen throughout 2024.   This year is the end of a 7 year earth cycle and there are many energetic changes, frequency increases and emotional challenges. You could say it’s a year for “out with the old and in with the new”.  You might find yourself taking one step forward and then a few backwards, you may tired and at times almost like you are going around in circles.

If any of this relates to you then trust me you will benefit from getting this collection.

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When & how to use the scents


Creates Free Flowing Energy and helps you to attract and manifest what you want with ease and grace

Use when feeling

When you are feeling stuck and feel like you’re going around in circles.

Use when you want to feel

When you want free flowing energy and to feel inspired and free!


This scent gently lifts your vibration bit by bit which in turn increases your frequency and envokes positive feelings and emotions.

Use when feeling

When you are feeling flat, unmotivated and energetically heavy

Use when you want to feel

when you want to feel light, happy and inspired


This scent helps to create happiness with at the grounding level so you can stabilise and maintain the frequency of happiness in a more balanced way.

Use when feeling

when you are feeling out of sorts, unhappy, sad and unsure of your current situation

Use when you want to feel

when you want to feel happier, uplifted and satisfied


Use this scent when you want things to transform and change in your life. Wheter that be emotionally, mentally or spiritutally.

Use when you feel

Use when you have had a gutful, totally over it and you feel like you’re done!

Use when you want to feel

Use when you want things to change, to transofrm and go to the next level.

My Story

There I was bopping along and enjoying my life, I was embracing the sunshine, spending time with my dogs, doing gardening and just really enjoying each moment. I was practicing abundance and gratitude and my energy was insane. My energy was light and it was the best I’d felt for years.  

Then I got Covid for the first time and was totally wiped out for 9 days. I did nothing but feed the dogs and sleep. On day 10, I was still shaky, dizzy and not very well. I remember thinking I need to put on the Frequency Scent so I did.

What I noticed was my emotions started to rise and I started feeling better, it was like my frequency was being lifted.  Since then I have found that my mind looks at things profoundly differently and I’ll do my best to explain.  You know the theory of looking down from above and watching yourself so you can learn, it felt like that.

Things that would normally trigger me, upset me or make me angry just didn’t affect me. I noticed that my gardening, indoor plants and space has all gone to the next level and I am doing things I used to avoid and no longer procrastinating.

I then used the happiness scent and wow that spun me out!  At the end of the day I found myself dancing in the kitchen which I’ve not done for years and in regards to the transform scent, let me share this.  It transforms the space and people that the scents reaches to a very interesting frequency.
AJe – Intuitive & Founder @solazscents

Shop Melts

These melts are hand-poured with our own secret blends, ensuring they are made with high-quality ingredients and provide a very strong scent throw within minutes of lighting. They contain no additional additives, are colour-free, and won't stain your burners . They are suitable for both traditional tea-light burners and electric burners and are made with tender loving care (TLC).

Shop Candles

Our candles are made with high quality blended soy waxes to ensure that each and every candle has a strong scent throw which lingers in the room once it’s blown out and we don’t just buy oils and put them in a jar. NA AH! that’s not use at all!

Each and every scent is intuitively blended and each and every candle is hand poured with TLC just for you.

To match the incredible power of the 24 scents we have chosen to combine them with our brand new Agate Jars.

Our Agate Glass Printed jars are the ultimate in-home luxury and are absolutely stunning. These must-have candle jars are made of high quality glass and produce a beautiful and intriguing agate affect on the outside and really add a sense of style on individuality to the room. They are individually printed so no two are the same.

The 4 packs include FREE POSTAGE valued up to $30

Shop Scent Oils

These oils are hand blended and contain 30mls of our pure blended oils that we use in our products.  You can use them in oil burners, electronic diffusers and even pop some on your wrist so you can take the scent with you.  To help you get started we have put together some packs which allow you to choose the scents you want and the more you buy, the more you save..

What others want to share with you…

I was having a very tumultuous couple of weeks. I was clashing with people, then questioning myself and my worth. It’s felt like some people I’ve had incredible friendships/working relationships with just don’t get me anymore. But then, for a glimpse of a moment, I see what we had. I just keep thinking it must be me. When I heard of this amazing new Frequency 24 scent, my intuition spoke to me immediately. I’ve realised my frequency and vibrations have elevated and continue to daily. I also realised not everyone is ‘elevating’ or, for that matter, wants to. Keeping your frequency and vibration up can be a very hard thing to do. Burning this beautiful candle has helped me so much…it supports me to keep above all the crap and remember my self-worth. It smells amazing, and it works. Thanks Aje for sharing your gift to help us with so many different challenges. Using your beautiful products for almost 20 years is a blessing for me xoxo” Scheree – VIC

“I’m spiritually geeking out over something, it’s a scent.

Yeah, like somehow a candle/smell is actually affecting my life in a way that takes lots of meditation, hours of dedicated practice to achieve. But it is, and it’s like a cheatcode, spirituality hack that utilises the sensory experience to lead you to spiritual epiphanies and awakenings. Not just the waa waa of the thoughts, but the actual walking the talk/walk sort of thing.

There’s this new scent that’s I’ve recently got my hands on from Solaz Scents — called Frequency 24.  It’s a candle I brought home and left with the jar lid off in my office, not on purpose, and not only does it smell *nice* but it’s working with my energy field and the frequency of it, is playing with MY frequency.

It’s uplifting and grounding at the same time. It’s kinda hard to describe what this scent is like to experience for 20+ hours over the last few days.

It’s like there is a level of clarity, being able to see the gameboard of life from a vantage point that usually flitters in and out of my grasp. It’s being able to put things INTO perspective in a way I’ve longed to be able to do instead of only being able to see lessons and learnings in hindsight. Holding higher ground to see that the nuances of the moment are, and not only feeling the body stuff within the moment.

Nicola Tesla’s Frequency, Energy and Vibration quotes are what this scent is about, it’s about understanding that a shift in the frequency (number of times) that energy is moving within you, around you and permeating THROUGH you… affects the very act of ‘doing the do’ – the present time moments, being solidly present and acting in your own best interests.

It’s like it’s speeding up the lessons and learnings. The very very human process of curiosity and learning through process that we are all subject to within the 3D physical world. It’s like I’m given more access to MORE OF MYSELF.

So if something would have taken a few days to process/churn through, this is helping me do it quicker and aligned with my highest values. Nadene Metcalfe – SA

“So there I was, just feeling like I was going around in circles, putting in alot of time and effort but not producing any tangible results. It’s something I’ve been experiencing lately. Then I blended the Transform Scent and started using it.  “Well Thank …. for this, It helped me to stop the cirles and head forwards. I noticed it’s helped me with my future vision whilst helping me be at peace in the now” AJe – Intuitive @Solaz Scents

Wow! I don’t know how she does it, but these scents are truely next level. I am using them with my clients and watching them transform right in front of my eyes. Personally I love the 24 Frequency Scent it gets me buzzing and I lope it. Actually this whole collection is awesome!  Paula Darch – Transformation Emotional Healer & Coach – The Heart Centre Academy of Healing

“When I first blended the Frequency scent, I didn’t even begin to estimate the power of it” I  was literally pinging as I was able to focus more than I even have been able to. It made me high as a kite and I am so productive everytime I use it. This one is next level” AJe – Intuitive @Solaz Scents

“Scent can absolutely act as a form of therapy, connecting to your moods and feelings via the limbic system,” explains perfumer Azzi Glasser”.

That’s why children often sniff their teddies and blankets; certain smells bring us comfort.” Being enveloped in scent is a cognitive and fragrant hug of the most cushioning kind. 

Our scents help you feel better..

because we don’t just buy oils…

stick them in a jar and label them after their ingredients.

Nah uh! that’s NOT us at all.

Scents that transform

“the essential scents to help you feel better”“.