Introducing the Male Energy Scents Collection

“Scents that invoke reflection, release stress and reassure”.

This collection is designed to invoke male energy, helping you reflect, release stress, worry, fear, and pressure, and allowing your body, mind, and soul to relax. Suitable for everyone (regardless of gender), these scents provide reassurance and time to reconnect with yourself. 

🌟 Reflection: Gain perspective and find peace.

🏖️ Relax: Unwind and take time out.

Rest & Restore: Rest and restore your energy.

🌸 Reassurance: Rebuild trust that everything will work out.

🚀 Release It All: Let go of stress, pressure, worry, frustration, and fear.

🌿 Reconnect: Reconnect with yourself and find silence.

Experience the power of these transformative scents and create space for reflection, relaxation, and reconnection.

Introducing Male Energy Scents

  • Purpose: Provides reflection time and help you to gain some perspective
  • Use when you want to take some time out to reflect, gain some understanding and find some peace. Learn more

  • Purpose: Creates space to unwind, take time out and relax
  • Use when you want to feel relaxed, unwind and give yourself some time out from pressure you may be feeling. Learn more

  • Purpose: Creates space for you to rest and restore
  • Use when you want to take time out for a rest, let go of some pressure and restore your energy. Learn More

  • Purpose: Rebuilds trust that everything will work out and you'll be ok
  • Use when you feel like nothing is working out how you want or when you are feeling doubtful. Learn more 

  • Purpose: Release stress, pressure, worry, frustration & fear
  • Use when have had a guts full and really want to let go of all it all to feel lighter and clearer. Learn more

  • Purpose: Reconnect with yourself and feel a sense of silence
  • Use when you feel scattered, your head is full of chatter or when you feel disconnected. Learn more

What others are saying…

I met AJ at the Post Office and gave her money right then and there to make me candles and I don’t regret it one bit. I am truely addicted to these man scents.  They don’t hurt my nose and the kids love them to. Oh and they work, they make me feel chilled out and I’m no where near as stressed. Mossimo

I was lucky to meet AJe at work wondered why she always smelt so good. I am grateful to have these candles and my favourites are Relax, & Reassurance. They smell really nice, well blended and they definitely do what they say they do. I also get positive comments when my mates drop round and thats saying something! Tyrell.

At night I like to sit and watch tele and having a nice candle burning makes me feel relaxed at end of a hard days work.  I enjoy the Reconnect and Reflection scents the most. Russell.

True Stories from Aje – Solaz Intuitive

🏖️ I was posting orders at the Post Office when the guy next to me heard me talking to the lovely Chris & Carol who own the Post Office. He said “OMG Do you make Candles”?  Chris & Carol said “Yes she makes the best candles ever, we love them”  He Said” Do you know how hard it is to find candles that don’t hurt my nose and don’t smell girlie”?  I said Yes, thats why I make well blended, handcrafted scents that have depth and a purpose” he then handed me $200 cash and asked me to make him some male energy candles!

🌟 At the supermarket, in hardware stores and at the Post Office, people are asking me why I smell so good and what I’m wearing!  Seriously I thought my dogs did a good job attracting people! When I tell them about the male energy scents that I hand blend, not only am I getting new customers on the spot and the feedback I’m receiving is that these scents are creating some powerful experiences for them.

It’s really humbling and prompted me to officially create the Male Energy Scents and share it with you!

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