Welcome to the Relax scent…

Can you remember the last time you felt really relaxed?

Not just semi relaxed, I’m talking about a time when you actually felt deeply relaxed to your inner core. Where thoughts stopped, you were in the present moment and your body, mind and soul just felt relaxed on every level.  When you just feel a sense of inner peace and calm that everything is working out, just as it’s meant to.

I don’t know about you, but alot of people I speak with are constantly rushing around trying to keep up with life. Whether its looking after the kids, keeping up with house maintenance, working in a busy job or keeping your mind balanced and focus on the positive things you want.

Let’s face it, there are so many challenges and one of the biggest ones seems to be “time for yourself”, time for you to sit, relax and detach from all the pressure and stress of daily life.

    Here’s why this scent is essential to have in your collection

    To be honest, this relax scent is powerful because it’s a deep, well blended combination of oils that tells your brain its time to relax, chill out and it creates space for you to do exactly that. It helps you to relax on a whole new level that what you may NOT have experienced before and this is why its essential you have this scent.

    Because, if you don’t relax deeply, you are not giving your body, mind and soul its best chance to restore properly.  When you restore on a deep level, you will find that your inner being creates more positive energy and you will feel a new level of strength and well-being.  I guess to put it simply, instead of recharging to a 5 out of 10, this can help you restore to a 9 or 10 out of 10, now why wouldn’t you do that when all you have to do is light a candle, burn some oil or sniff a diffuser?

    If you want to feel better

    this scent helps you to unwind, take time out and relax

    This scent is different to many of the others I have been guided to blend. It has alot of depth which makes me relax at a core level. Whilst using this sent, I feel really calm and relaxed in a way that is hard to explain. I think the unique blend of scents has some magic behind it, because the amber is really settling, the cedar wood is warming and the bergamot is refreshing and clearing. I use this when I am feeling like my usual methods of relaxing are just not working and the scent lingers in the house so it works for along time even after I have finished using it.  Aje – Owner Solaz Scents 

    It works well with..

    the REST & RESTORE scent which helps you to rest and restore your energy, thoughts and feelings.

    I recommend that you start with the Relax scent and then follow up with Rest & Restore so you can bring in the restore energy. You can burn them for 2-3 hours at a time, allow your brain to process and then switch over to the other scent..

    M A L E   E N E R G Y   S C E N T S

    for her, him, they & us…

    What others are saying…

    “My life is extremely busy and I used to find it hard to really relax, get a good nights sleep and take time out. However since I’ve been using the Relax scent, I must admit that it does calm me down and help me to relax deeper than I used to”.

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