Are you ready to be uplifted and feel better?

Introducing the Uplifting scents collection

“the essential scents for absolutely everyone”“.

6 scents that are carefully blended to uplift energy and help you feel better.

This entire collection is really handy to have so you can use whatever scent you need in the actual moment you need it.

 If you want some clarity about the future or a situation thats bugging you, the clarity scent is excellent for this. If you are feeling a bit stressed and unsettled, the calm & relax scent will help you to feel a sense of calm whilst the Grief Support scent helps to release any grief or sadness you may be holding in so that you can feel better and be uplifted mentally and emotionally. Plus my good o’l favourite Care & Comfort makes you feel nurtured as if someone is giving you a great big hug.

Here’s why scents are so effective…

Do you know that our scents change change behaviours and shift emotions? Smell can change our behavior entirely as fragrance expert Roja Dove discloses: “Scent is our first response to encroaching stimuli, whether that’s sniffing sour milk before we drink it or smelling a fire before we see it, often making us have a reaction.

It’s the same with soothing scents – they have a cocooning effect that relaxes us, makes us feel at home and create a sense of peace!” “Scent can absolutely act as a form of therapy, connecting to your moods and feelings via the limbic system,” explains perfumer Azzi Glasser.

That’s why children often sniff their teddies and blankets; certain smells bring us comfort.” Being enveloped in scent is a cognitive and fragrant hug of the most cushioning kind.

“Working the the modality of smell is a super powerful way to change your state / aka mood and emotions. I have been using smell, with families and children for years and now with these specific candles and scents we can do so with a frequency of healing”. Nichole Hamilton – The Kidz Coach”


Here’s how they work…

Do you know that scents are processed with the olfactory bulbs (green) and the amygdalae (pink), which help the brain process smell and then trigger emotional reactions, memories and decision making processes!

As scent travels through the mind and body it can help shift emotions to help you feel better.

Our scents help you feel better..

because we don’t just buy oils…

stick them in a jar and label them after their ingredients.

Nah uh! that’s NOT us at all.

  • Purpose: Brings you clarity & focus
  • Use when you are feeling scattered, unfocused and confused. Learn more

  • Purpose: Creates calm energy to enable relaxation
  • Use when you are feeling stressed, on edge and too busy. Learn more

  • Purpose: Provides comfort, warmth and feeling nutured
  • Use when you want to feel secure and comforted. Learn more

  • Purpose: Support you to heal & shift feelings of grief and sadness
  • Use when you are ready to let go of sadness, hurt and pain. Learn more

  • Purpose: To help you feel better
  • Use when you are feeling down and want to feel better about yourself & life. Learn more

  • Purpose: Uplifts your body, mind, soul and feelings.
  • Use when you’re feeling flat and need to recharge and be uplifted. Learn more

What others are saying…

Care & Comfort has this really strong pure vanilla scent and this is my favourite blends and my 101 “go to” scent most of the time. Thanks for making this one, there’s no other vanilla’s like it. Thanks Ty

“I understand why most of our customers give themselves a boost and get the whole collection because these are my 101 go to scents and it’s one of our most popular collections. ” AJe – Master Blender – Solaz Scents

One of my all time favourite collections is this one, Calm & Relax is popular in the house because it smells so good and my hubby loves it to. We use Care & Comfort at night whilst watching tv and the Uplifting scent really works. Love these and thanks Paula

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If you’ve not experienced our scents before, we understand that we need to build your trust…

If only we could sniff through the internet right?

but we can’t so we’ve created trial packs for you to experience just how unique our scents are…