Male Energy 4 Pack – choose your scents


This collection is designed to invoke male energy, helping you reflect, release stress, worry, fear, and pressure, and allowing your body, mind, and soul to relax. Suitable for everyone (regardless of gender), these scents provide reassurance and time to reconnect with yourself.

🌟 Reflection: Gain perspective and find peace.
🏖️ Relax: Unwind and take time out.
✨ Rest & Restore: Rest and restore your energy.
🌸 Reassurance: Rebuild trust that everything will work out.
🚀 Release It All: Let go of stress, pressure, worry, frustration, and fear.
🌿 Reconnect: Reconnect with yourself and find silence.

Experience the power of these transformative scents and create space for reflection, relaxation, and reconnection.

These Matt Black Jars are absolutely stunning and one of the most on-trend pieces in home décor! These must-have candle jars are made of high quality glass and are very popular with men.

  • Large Jar, single wicked and contain 350mls of scented wax
  • Approximate burn time: Approx. 48hrs
  • Perfect for 2-3hrs burn each time


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