Welcome to the 11ev8 (elevate) scent…

this scent elevates all aspects of your body, mind, soul & emotions.

 It elevates everything....

from how you feel, to what you thinking and it removes the foggy vail of confusion so you can access clear thoughts and visions.  It lifts you above your current reality and opens you up to a much more powerful one.

Sound to good to be true?

AJe’s experience:

11ev8 (elevate) has been very powerful for me…

“Before using this scent, there were things that weren’t flowing and no matter what I did, either something would block it or I’d go around circles and you know how frustrating that is right?

Once I started using 11ev8 scent,  all of the sudden both short term and long term things that were blocked just started to manifest right before my eyes. It was like the barriers were removed and the blocked energy dissapaited. I noticed the anger and sadness that I was holding onto just started to clear and I’m so much lighter and more appreciative of everything.

I love this blend, not only does it smell fresh, it continues to elevate me each and every time I use it. I can’t wait for you to experience this to.

  AJe- Intuitive & Founder – Solaz Scents

Here’s why this scent is essential to have in your collection

 It lifts and shifts! 

it elevates your body, mind and soul from where you are to a higher state of consciousness.  It attracts free flowing energy and a provides a powerful boost of inspiration combined with clarity all at the same time.

What others are saying about this scent…

OMG I’m in love with the new 11ev8, it’s amazing. It’s definitely lifting and shifting.  I’m already addicted . Thank you so much ❤️. I highly recommend this scent to anyone and I love the fresh citrus scents it has. Thank you Aje for providing just what I need when I need it Cheryl – WA

“I am AJe’s neighbour and I popped over today because I could smell something captivating. Turns out it was her new scent 11ev8 and I would like to tell you that it’s absolutely divine and I took home a candle, diffuser and melts. The whole family just love it and we are feeling so elevated, it really works. Robyn – SA

“Wow talk about next level, this scent smells divine and it just makes my son and I feel high and happy” Yet another powerful scent that we are addicted to” Scheree – VIC

Are you ready to be elevated to the next level?

Limited Edition 11ev8 Packs

Welcome to the Limited Edition 11ev8 Packs which sell out super fast so our apologies if we have already sold out by the time you see this.

The packs below are excellent value for money and it’s a great way to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success. Our recommendation is to purchase the Essentials pack as it includes the Scent in all product types and the reason thats important is because the Diffusers are what we call the 24×7 Silent workers as they are quietly emit their scent in the background so wherever  you place them it, it will smell AHmazing plus you’ll get a continuous elevation.  The melts are good when you want a powerful and punchy scent blast and quick pick me up and the candles are great to enjoy the slow burn with a strong scent that lingers well after it’s blown out.  These gorgeous Scent oils are brilliant to use in electronic oil burners or to pop some on your wrist, scarf or even a tissue so you can take the scent with you. P.S if you don’t want to use all of the products in the pack,  you’re super welcome to gift one to someone you care about.

We don’t just buy oils and stick them in a jar! NA AH that’s NOT us at all.  

Our Scents are intuitively-blended with a purpose to help you feel better!

For example: If you choose the 11ev8 Scent, its purpose to elevate all aspects of your body, mind, soul and emotions.

Intuitively blended Scents with a purpose

Our Scents are intuitively-blended with a purpose to help you feel better!

For example: If you choose the Balance scent, its purpose is to help you feel balanced.