11ev8 (Elevate) Essentials Rose Gold Pack + Free Melts


Welcome to the 11ev8 (Elevation) Essentials pack!

If you are ready to be elevated to the next level, this pack gives you everything you need!  You can use the oils in a burner or pop some on your wrist or scarf, use the melts for a quick powerful punch, the diffuser for a continious scent and the candle to enjoy the slow burn with a strong scent that lingers well after its blown out.

The 11ev8 (Elevate) scent elevates everything…. from how you feel, to what you think, your outlook on life and it removes the foggy vail so you can access clear visions. It lifts you above your current reality and opens up a much more powerful one.

Kit Contains:  1 XL Candle – Sky Blue, 1 Rose Gold Diffuser (200mls), 1 Scent Oil (30mls) and 5 Free Melts

P.S if you don’t want all of the kit for yourself, you can gift one of these lovely items to help someone else 11ev8!

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Kit Contains:  1 XL Candle in Sky Blue Marble Jar, 1 Rose Gold Diffuser, 1 Scent Oil (30mls) and Free Melts

Ingredients: Amber, lemon, bergamot, neroli, heliotrope, lime, lemongrass, vanilla bean, rum musk, coconut, verbena, spearmint


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