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Have you ever wanted to feel better about yourself?

Have you ever found yourself feeling a little insecure, unsure or uncertain about yourself and the future or your life? Well to be honest, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel this many times throughout your life and thats because generally when you’re feeling down, it’s a good indication that it’s time to do some reflection, reassessment and to make some time for self care.

Today’s world is a busy one right? Most of the time we are getting distracted by instant adds that pop up, phone calls, text messages from people wanting your attention or perhaps you’re stressed about money, work and other outside influences. No matter what it is, one things that seems to be last on the list is to be mindful that we must make time for some self care so what we stay balanced and feel ok within ourselves.

Because when we are balanced and feel good inside, our energy and manifestations attract positive goals, wants and energy. So to help support everything I’ve mentioned above, this Reassurance scent helps you to find a comfortable and calm space so you can give yourself some self care.

    It’s ideal to use

    when you are feeling out of sorts, insecure or unsure of yourself. It’s really good to help you find a sense of calm and that feeling of “everything is going to be ok”. The Reassurance scent is really good for slowing down the mind and supporting you to start looking inwards and it also helps with self-acceptance.  It’s great for helping you to feel better about yourself, to restore your faith and to give you that sense that “everything will work out” and it also invokes trust in yourself and the universe.

    If you want to feel better about yourself

    this scent helps you to rebuild trust that everything will work out and you’ll be ok

    When I first created this scent I was wondering how this would work. I remember at the time I was feeling a bit down, not happy in myself and also I lost faith that everything would be ok. I guess you could say I had trust issues and alot of self doubt.  I remember thinking, well hey, I’ve got nothing to lose, all the other scents works, so lets see what this one daes.

    Wow! After burning the scent for 3 days in a row, I found that my life turned around very quickly, which meant my attituded lifted, my trust was restored and everything started to flow again! I now feel at home with myself! Aje – Owner Solaz Scents 

    It works well with..

    the RECONNECT scent which helps you to reconnect with yourself and feel a sense of peace and inner silence.

    I recommend that you start with the Reassurance scent and then follow up with Reconnect which will really supports you to connect with yourself. You can burn them for 2-3 hours at a time, allow your brain to process and then switch over to the other scent..

     The Male Energy Collection for her, him, they & us…

    These scents are handcrafted and carefully blended to invoke male healing energy. They are for all genders and each scent has been blended for a specific purpose as per the name of the scent.

    The scents are not harsh and you won’t find any other scents like these as I am guided to blend each and every one of them by hand.

    These must have black matte candle jars come with 3 different lid types which means you can personalise them by choosing from Timber, Silver or Rose Gold.

    M A L E   E N E R G Y   S C E N T S

    for her, him, they & us…

    • Purpose: Provides reflection time and help you to gain some perspective
    • Use when you want to take some time out to reflect, gain some understanding and find some peace. Learn more

    • Purpose: Creates space to unwind, take time out and relax
    • Use when you want to feel relaxed, unwind and give yourself some time out from pressure you may be feeling. Learn more

    • Purpose: Creates space for you to rest and restore
    • Use when you want to take time out for a rest, let go of some pressure and restore your energy. Learn More

    • Purpose: Rebuilds trust that everything will work out and you'll be ok
    • Use when you feel like nothing is working out how you want or when you are feeling doubtful. Learn more 

    • Purpose: Release stress, pressure, worry, frustration & fear
    • Use when have had a guts full and really want to let go of all it all to feel lighter and clearer. Learn more

    • Purpose: Reconnect with yourself and feel a sense of silence
    • Use when you feel scattered, your head is full of chatter or when you feel disconnected. Learn more

    What others are saying…

    “Wow I bought the whole collection of these scents for my husband and Reconnect has become our go to scent. It’s great when you start to feel a bit wobbly or uncertain. It’s unique scent is also endearing and it makes me feel like everything’s going to work out just fine.” Regards Cyn

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