Welcome to the Release it ALL scent…

Would you like to let go of the stress and crap in your head?

 Then let me tell you about this scent. Over the last 3 days I found there was “NO FLOW” with anything that I attempted to do. I was either bumping into things tripping over and accidentally breaking things. On top of that I was agitated, frustrated and get angrier by the minute. I felt my attitude slide down and I started reacting to things that wouldn’t normally bother me and I also started to feel anger rising. I had zero tolerance for anyone or anything!

I found myself starting to get quite emotional and upset. It felt like no matter what I did, nothing worked and even some grief about losing mum popped in there too. I felt like everything was a bloody waste of time and then I called a friend and had a massive vent!  It turned out that she had been experiencing the same thing and also felt agitated.

After we both vented, we then said “ok so what scent do we need to use to shift this crap”?.  To be honest, we didn’t take long to discuss it because we said let’s try “Release it all”.  

Being a new scent I hadn’t really experienced the power of it yet, so I popped it in my melts burner and let it go to work. Wow! The next morning I woke up nice and calm, I was back in the flow and felt back to myself. It worked so well that I’m keeping Release it all in one of my melt burners permanently so next time I can shift the energy real quick!

It’s ideal to use

when you are feeling anything like I’ve mentioned above because it creates space for you to release anything and everything!

If you want to feel better

this scent will help you to release stress, pressure, worry, frustration & fear.

Wow! As I mentioned above I was in quite a state when I used this scent and I’m grateful to say that I used the Release it All scent all night and when I woke up the next day, I was calm and back in the flow and I really appreciate being back to myself again. I personally can tell you, this scent works and is going to my first scent to use when I start to feel agitated, frustrated or just simply need to let something go! Aje – Owner Solaz Scents 

It works well with..

the REASSURANCE Scent which rebuilds trust that everything will work out and you’ll be ok! Its perfect to use when you feel like nothing is working out or when you are feeling doubtful. 

I recommened that you start with the Release it All Scent and then follow up with Reassurance. You can burn them for 2-3 hours at a time, allow your brain to process and then switch over to the other scent..

 The Male Energy Collection for her, him, they & us…

These scents are handcrafted and carefully blended to invoke male healing energy. They are for all genders and each scent has been blended for a specific purpose as per the name of the scent.

The scents are not harsh and you won’t find any other scents like these as I am guided to blend each and every one of them by hand.

These must have black matte candle jars come with 3 different lid types which means you can personalise them by choosing from Timber, Silver or Rose Gold.

M A L E   E N E R G Y   S C E N T S

for her, him, they & us…

  • Purpose: Provides reflection time and help you to gain some perspective
  • Use when you want to take some time out to reflect, gain some understanding and find some peace. Learn more

  • Purpose: Creates space to unwind, take time out and relax
  • Use when you want to feel relaxed, unwind and give yourself some time out from pressure you may be feeling. Learn more

  • Purpose: Creates space for you to rest and restore
  • Use when you want to take time out for a rest, let go of some pressure and restore your energy. Learn More

  • Purpose: Rebuilds trust that everything will work out and you'll be ok
  • Use when you feel like nothing is working out how you want or when you are feeling doubtful. Learn more 

  • Purpose: Release stress, pressure, worry, frustration & fear
  • Use when have had a guts full and really want to let go of all it all to feel lighter and clearer. Learn more

  • Purpose: Reconnect with yourself and feel a sense of silence
  • Use when you feel scattered, your head is full of chatter or when you feel disconnected. Learn more

What others are saying…

Release it all is just perfect for when I reach a boiling point, or tipping over point. It’s been wonderful to just feel the release and uplifted to a sense of calm! Thanks AJe! Nadene

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