Uplifting Scents Trial Kit


If only we could sniff through the internet right?

But we can’t, so we’ve created these trial scent packs which contains all the scents in the collection. The benefits of the trial kits are:

  • You get to sniff them all so you know exactly what you want to order.
  • You can carry them in your pocket or handbag and inhale when needed.
  • You can even make your clothes smell good by putting a melt in your drawer.
  • You can trial them as a melt

P.S If you’d like to get a jump start, you can order more than just 1 trial kit.

We will also give you FREE POSTAGE & $5 off each kit, but only whilst stocks last. View all trial kits here

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Each sample is a love heart melt which is perfect to use in a melt burner, carry in your pocket or simply just sniff to see if you like the scent.

Your pack will contain these scents:

  • Care & Comfort
  • Calm & Relax
  • Clarity
  • Feel Better
  • Grief Support
  • Uplifting


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