Uplifting 6 Pack – choose jar colours – includes free postage+lids+scent guide

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Welcome to the Uplifting Collection

This entire collection is essential and really handy to have because whether you need some clarity about the future, want to feel better and be uplifted, this collection contains all the scents you need and is the absolute best choice to ensure that you have maximum 24/7 scent support.

You can also choose the jar colours you prefer for each scent.

These Marble Printed Glass Jars are one of the most on-trend pieces of home decor with each and every one being processed individually. This means that each and every one of these stunning jars will be unique and truly one of a kind!

Ideal if you like to burn candles from 1-3 hrs at a time.
Marble Glass Jars: 350ml of Wax.
They have a total approx. burn time of 48+ hours

Uplifting Collection contains

  • Care & Comfort
  • Calm & Relax
  • Clarity
  • Feel Better
  • Grief Support
  • Uplifting


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