Uplifting Scent Oils – 6 Pack – Free Postage

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Welcome to Uplifting Collection

This entire collection is really handy to have so you can use whatever scent you need in the actual moment you need it.

If you want some clarity about the future or a situation thats bugging you, the clarity scent is excellent for this. If you are feeling a bit stressed and unsettled, the calm & relax scent will help you to feel a sense of calm whilst the Grief Support scent helps to release any grief or sadness you may be holding in so that you can feel better and be uplifted mentally and emotionally. Plus my good o’l favourite Care & Comfort makes you feel nurtured as if someone is giving you a great big hug.

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Note: These are our pure scent oils that we use in all of our products. One drop is very strong and these 30 ml bottles last a very long time.

Perfect for use in electronic burners, diffusers and the good old melt burner.
You can even place some drops on your wrist, scarf or tissues so you can keep the scent with you.

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