Marble Glass Twin Pack – choose your jars and scents


Welcome to Create your own Candles – Twin Packs, you can choose the Jar colours and the scents you want in each jar.

Simply choose the Jar colour first, select the Lid type you love and then choose your scent.

Oh by the way! Did you know, the more you buy, the more you save? Our  4 packs  help you to experience more scents of your choice so you can feel better much faster. Check it out.

Our Marble Glass Printed jars are the ultimate in-home luxury and are absolutely stunning. These must-have candle jars are made of high quality glass and produce a beautiful and intriguing marble affect on the outside and really add a sense of style on individuality to the room.

Ideal if you like to burn candles from 1-4hs at a time.
Marble Glass Jars: 350ml of Wax.
They have a total approx. burn time of 48+ hours


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