Health Booster Twin Candle Pack – choose your jars


Welcome to the Health Booster Pack.

This pack is the absolute MUST HAVE especially this time of year so you can stay fit and healthy!

The Sinus Cleanse is excellent to help clear the nose, sinus & it assists you to breathe whilst the Chest & Throat helps to clear the chest, lungs and throat.

It’s the ESSENTIAL pack to keep on hand so you can use it anytime you need it coz you never know when that next cold can come out of nowhere!

AND now you can choose from different Jar Types to suit your decor!

These packs are absolute MUST HAVE'S all year round and especially now!

Due to popular demand this pack is now available in your choice of jars so you can choose your favourites. We use high quality jars which are the ultimate in-home luxury.

Each packs contains 2 Jars in the colour of your choice (as per photograph)
Scents are: 1 Sinus Cleanse & 1 Chest & Throat Cleanse.
Large Jar, single wicked and contains 350mls of scented wax
Approximate burn time: Approx. 48hrs
Perfect if you burn your candles from 1-3hrs at a time

Additional information

Jar Type

Amber, Black, Cork, Holographic, Marble, White


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