5D Scents Twin Pack – choose your scents


Welcome to the 5D Scents.

This collection supports you with the 5D Ascension process with each blend having a specific purpose to help you Cleanse, Balance and Transition from 3D energy to 5D and don’t worry if this sounds like mumbo jumbo, doesn’t make sense or sounds too good to be true, you can click on the Learn more links and trust me you might be surprised how much of the information relates to you.

You will receive two Holographic Jars and all you need to do is choose the Scent and the Lid Types of your choice.Oh by the way! Did you know, the more you buy, the more you save? Our  4 packs  help you to experience more scents of your choice so you can feel better much faster. Check it out.

The ultimate in-home luxury; our Holographic Jars are absolutely stunning and one of the most on-trend pieces in home décor! These must-have candle jars are made of high quality glass and produce a beautiful shiny finish that reflects stunning light.

Jar Size: Large, single wick, high quality glass
Approximate burn time: Approx. 48hrs


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