Welcome to the Uplifting scent…

Can you do with a boost?

This scent is my favourite one this year! It’s very powerful and it’s soul purpose is to “uplift your soul”

Why the soul? Because if you can keep a good vibration for your soul, it has a powerful ripple effect on the rest of your body, mind, emotions and health!

Here’s why this scent is essential to have in your collection

It’s really helpful when you’re feeling out of sorts, a bit down or just plain tired and need a boost. You cans imply light a candle, burn some melts, pop some oil in the burner or diffuser and breathe it in and let this scent boost your vibration

All you need to do is light candle, pop some melts on or sniff a diffuser..

It uplifts your soul and gives you a boost!

If you want more energy

this scent uplifts your soul and gives you a boost!

I am being completely honest when I say this scent is my absolute favourite. It’s fresh, uplifting, smells divine and over the past 4 weeks, it has done a great job in uplifting me. I’ve found myself using the Scent oil on my wrists, have used up 2 mosaics, have a diffuser in my office and have used the melts in the garage, upstairs, laundry and kitchen.  I love the bursts of fresh pineapple and orange and the mint that is blended with Amber.  It’s uniquely refreshing and addictive.  Anjie Aje- Master Blender – Solaz Scents

It works well with…

the CARE & COMFORT scent which provides comfort, warmth and makes you feel nutured.

We recommend that after using the UPLIFTING scent, you then follow it up with the CARE & COMFORT scent to really embrace the good energy created.

TIP: You can burn them for 2-3 hours at a time, allow your brain to process and then switch over to the other scent..

What others are saying…

“Yup this one is fresh, gives me a good energy boost and I’ve also become a tad addicted to it. The kids and hubby love it too which is a such a bonus but it means I have to buy more of it as we have a diffuser in the toilet and my candles keep going missing! Found one in the shed believe it or not! This ones’ a goodie. Shez

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