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Does grief ever go away ?

Some might say it does but here’s my take on it.

Perhaps grief isn’t something we move on from, let go of and try to wipe out. It’s an emotion and a feeling that can be triggered anywhere, anytime by anything. You don’t see it coming and most of the time you can’t control it.  Grief is an ongoing process and something that each and every one of us need support with.

My Grief & Loss Counsellor (Priss) says

“you need to give yourself that moment and feel it” she says “they deserve that and it’s a way of honouring them”.  I believe it’s important to move forwards with them, to be grateful for the moments, memories and experiences you shared.

Here’s why this scent is essential to have in your collection

Grief doesn’t ever go away, its something that becomes a part of us and we can carry it as heavy baggage or we can turn it into positive memories. Unfortunately some people don’t understand that you don’t have to make the loss of someone become the centre of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. When you experience grief, understand that it’s not a moment in time, its not something thats going to have an immediate fix. Instead its there within you and not all wounds are meant to heal. 

Remember that grief is mixed in with a lot of emotions and thats why it’s important to feel and heal which is was this scent does.

It helps you to heal and shift feelings of grief and sadness

If you want feel lighter

this scent supports you to heal and shift feelings of grief & sadness

I get that some people might think grief should be hidden and there might be some stigma to it, but seriously 2021 was a year full of grief and when I blended this scent I totally underestimated the power and healing it will bring. There were days when I just cried and cried and other days I just felt hopeless, worthless and a waste of space. Yet somehow after continued use of this scent, it all got lighter and lighter so I have very grateful and I can’t explain it to you as its something you need to experience for yourself.

P.S. If you haven’t read my blog then please do as there are really good tips in there to help you deal with loss, sadness and grief.  Aje- Master Blender – Solaz Scents

It works well with…

the FEEL BETTER scent which helps to lift your vibration and emotions.

We recommend that after using the GRIEF scent, you then follow it up with the FEEL BETTER scent so you are not left in the heavy energy of sadness and grief. 

TIP: You can burn them for 2-3 hours at a time, allow your brain to process and then switch over to the other scent..

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What others are saying…

“I lost my mum and my sister and was just down and out, then I came across this blog from this site and it made me think and feel different. I have been using the scent and have to say, “it actually works” and smells earthy which is great to. Thanks for making this one, I am now gifting it to people who are in grief.” Jayjay – QLD

“I am Grief & Loss Counsellor and there’s a difference between my clients that use this scent and those that don’t. It works as it does help shift emotions so you can move through them instead of keep them inside. Grief doesn’t need to be a suitcase that you take with you, it can be turned into positive memories and feelings and this scent definitely helps do this.” Kerry -SA