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Are you ready to get focused and get what you want?

It’s interesting that you’ve found your way here!  Why? Because we believe that clarity is alot harder to achieve than it was say 10 years ago. Today’s society and particularly marketing is all about distracting you to get your attention and then before you know it, you’ve purchased something you didn’t really need and totally forgot what you started doing in the first place. Sound familiar?

Apart from that, the world and the weather are definitely taking alot of focus as many people are experiencing floods, storm damage and weather thats unlike what we’ve seen before

All of this takes energy and contributes to creating confusion and a split focus.

    Here’s why this scent is essential to have in your collection

    To be honest, this clarity scent is powerful in the way that it really makes you focus like you would on a bullseye if you were playing darts.  It somehow makes your brain eliminate distractions and helps you to focus as if you were in a tunnel and all you could see is the light at the end of it, not the darkness and unknown in-between.  

    It helps you to focus as if you were looking through a magnifying glass and this is why its essential you have this scent.

    Now you might be thinking, “that sounds too good to be true” but we have testimonials from many people (all walks of life) that experience what is mentioned above.  I guess to put it simply, instead of feeling drained when you are trying to concentrate, you can use the scent to help you focus and why wouldn’t you do that when all you have to do is light a candle, burn some oil or sniff a diffuser?

    If you want some clarity

    this scent brings you clarity & focus!

    This scent is extremely powerful as mentioned above and its what I use when I’m doing website work. I pop on my thinking playlist and as the scent lingers, my brain just goes into creation mode and I create with ease and fun! I also find it handy for studying or working at home Aje- Master Blender – Solaz Scents

    It works well with…

    the CALM & RELAX scent which creates calm energy for you to chill out and relax.

    We recommend that after using the CLARITY and you’ve finished the powerful focus and gained clarity, you follow up with the Calm & Relax scent so your mind will chill out and you can relax.

    TIP: You can burn them for 2-3 hours at a time, allow your brain to process and then switch over to the other scent..

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    The twin packs will save you $10 whilst the 4 packs save you $25 and includes FREE EXPRESS post valued at $29, so if you want a jump start and the best value, the 4 pack is your best option.

    You can choose your scents and mix and match the lids that you like the most.

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    What others are saying…

    “I went through a couple of years working from home and I found it difficult to focus on all the zoom calls but also the distractions you get being at home. AJe introduced me to this scent and I’ve become so good that I can multi-task this sh_t out of everything It’s great!” Ronnie – WA

    “This scent has helped my daughter with her study at home. Not only does it smell good, but I’ve noticed that when I pop it on in the background, she goes into some type of deep concentration and an hour or so later, so gets all of her school work done alot easier. This actually works, going to try it on my partner to get him to jobs around the house” Kerry -SA