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5D transition

“The Ritual Starter”

Welcome to 5D Transition, this scent helps to transition 3D energy and vibration to 5D and is the “in-between energy supporter”

It helps you to “hold the space” for the transition stage to occur and helps you to feel at ease during this period.

Do you experience moments of elation which are followed up by feeling low?

You may be experiencing moments of being on a high, followed by days when your energy feels lower and you feel unmotivated, even lethargic. These lower periods are the ‘transition’ periods.

5D energy is not go, go, go – that’s more how 3D works. If you push past your limits in 5D, you will feel, see and hear it. You may start to encounter blocks in almost every way you turn as the universe starts slowing you down to you rest.

There is a very good reason for this. Transition occurs after growth and it’s when you need to stabilise and allow your body, mind and soul to integrate and assimilate the learnings. This transition space is very powerful especially when you allow whatever time it needs to process.

For example, Mumze & I are workers, we get up all early and will work until the sun goes down and we always completed what we started, even to the point of exhaustion.

We would start a garden project which would mean building a retaining wall, filling it with rocks, soil, then plants and then painting the wall. All that would be done in a day and we would work in the dark until it was done.

However with 5D energy, some of the major changes we’ve learnt, is to “be in-tune” with our energy in all aspects – mental, spiritual and physical. If I refer to the garden I just mentioned, when we worked on it last week, we did it over 2 days instead of 1. Whilst that may seem slower, what we are finding is that “new ways” of doing things “present themselves in the transition space” and we are creating better gardens. We call them 5D Gardens which are neat, tidy and have a very different energy to the previous ones we’ve created.

5D is a different way of being

it requires you to slow down, tune in, be patient and listen to the universal messages, your intuition and higher-self. It requires you “to get out of your ingrained way of thinking about a situation” and be open to a different way of it manifesting.

Timing & emotions

Timing is crucial and its key for you to start trusting in the ability to “go with the flow” rather than using the 3D “force & control” methods. If you find yourself getting even the slightest bit emotional, the best thing you can do for yourself is to pause, take a step back and reflect on the situation.

Ask yourself am I going with the flow or using force or control to create?

Does this really need to be done right now?

Is there something I’m not seeing?

Get Comfortable

Allowing the transition space is essential when you want to transition from 3D to 5D energy. Transition is the space you need to start being comfortable in because the more time you allow for it, the faster it passes and you’ll be able to resonate and balance 5D easier.


allowing the space for transition

is essential when you want to transition from 3D to 5D Energy.  


5D transition

“The Ritual Helper”

This scent assists you to transition 3D energy and vibrations, to 5D energy!


What others are saying really say about 5D Transition

This truely is the scent I turn to when I need a rest. It’s become my ritual and it helps me transition much easier. This ones a godsend!

Anjie Camens

Owner, Solaz Scents for your Soul

5D Transition is a beautiful scent. It’s helped me to have a smoother ride on the 5D Energy journey.

Nadéne Metcalfe

Coach, Spiritual Adventures

Why you need this scent?

“When your energy drops quickly, use the transition scent to help you relax, be patient and consciously remind yourself, its time to rest”.


 “Rest for me used to feel like a waste of time, now I value and trust in the transiton phase and I use 5D Transition as my ritual starter”


Anjie – Owner Solaz Scents for Your Shoul