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5D ascension

“The Ultimate Ascension Helper”

Welcome to 5D Ascension, this scent assists you to ascend and raise your vibration to 5D and is super helpful with ascension symptoms that you might be experiencing (see listed below).

By the way – if you are experiencing even one of these symptoms, make sure you put the Ascension scent on your “must have” list!

Have you been experiencing any of these 5D Ascension Symptoms?

Headaches, migraines – fuzzy head

Spiritual Flu, dizziness

Ears receiving high-vibration sounds

Thymus fluttering, sometimes felt as heart palpitations

Blurry eyes, sore eyes, eye ticks

Waking up between 2.00 and 4.00am, vivid dreams 

Sore muscles and joints, heat rising in the body

Dropping objects, clumsiness

Anxiety, Loss of memory, Inability to sleep

Higher expectations from yourself and others

Relationship strains and changes

A growing need to break free

Career dissatisfaction, a strong desire to find your purpose

Lethargy, wanting to be on your own 

Greater empathy and compassion.

Change of diet

Shifting friendships and rifts can grow within families

Noticing double/triple digit numbers – The SIGNS

Tears flowing – overly emotional

Increased self-awareness of your old patterns

Being hugely creative and inspired

Sinuses running / increased sneezing

Stomach irritation and irregular bowel movements

Lower back issues, upper back pain or itching between the shoulder blades, sore neck and shoulders

Growing in personal power

Bouts of euphoria – followed by feeling low

Guess what?

 You are not alone!  

This spirit guided scent assists you to ascend and raise your vibration to 5D, excellent for helping with ascension symptoms.


Our Secrets out!

“Be Smart, make your life easier & use the power of scents to help shift the vibrations for you. Why? Because we are using them, and our symptoms are less intense than others around us are experiencing”

Anjie & Susan Camens 

What others are saying about Ascension

I’ve found this super handy with the ascension process and burn it when I’m feeling out of whack and when I’ve found myself knee deep in 3D energy. It helps me to raise back to 5D faster!  Love it!

Anjie Camens

Owner, Solaz Scents for your Soul

I love the smell of this scent, it’s my favourite of the 5D (along with 2 others). It’s gentle, uplifting and a strange sense of feeling at home and at peace.

I love the subtley of the blend. 

Nadéne Metcalfe

Coach, Spiritual Adventures