24 Scents Melts 4 Pack


Welcome to the 24 Scent Collection.

This collection is essential to support you with all the transformations and transitions that will happen throughout 2024.   This year is the end of a 7 year earth cycle and there are many energetic changes, frequency increases and emotional challenges. You could say it’s a year for “out with the old and in with the new”.  You might find yourself taking one step forward and then a few backwards, you may tired and at times almost like you are going around in circles.

These scents are here to support you to increase your vibration, attract what you want, help balance your frequency and create a nice free flow of energy in the direction you want.

Includes: 4 sets of melts (one of each scent as per photo)

Pack includes: 4 sets of Melts (1 in each scent as per photo)

Note: Our melts are made with the highest-quality soy wax and within minutes of lighting, they provide a very strong scent throw. There are no additives, they’re colour-free, they won’t stain your burners and the scents last all the way to the end. Suitable for electric burners as well.


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