Metallic Candle Twin Pack – choose your jars & scents

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These rare Metallic Jars are absolutely stunning and are a signature statement in any room. They are very stylish and you’ll get a lot of comments on these. Perfect if you love to burn your candles for a long time (from 2 – 5hrs at a time).

They have a total approx. burn time of 80+ hours and each one of them is individually crafted and provides stunning effects in the room when lit.

Did you know, the more you buy, the more you save? Our 4 packs help you to experience more scents of your choice so you can feel better much faster. Check it out

Metallic Jars: 400ml of Wax. Approx. burn time 80+ hours. Single Wick

Ideal for burning from minimum of 2 to 4hrs at a time (you need to keep the wicks short)

TIP: Keep your metallic jars as they are very difficult to find - great for centre table decorations - can hold flowers, plants, serviettes or anything you want. We can also refill if you can get the jars back to us..

1 review for Metallic Candle Twin Pack – choose your jars & scents

  1. JC

    I love my rose gold candles, they match the quality of the scents!

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