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5D Balance

“The Essential Energetic Balancer”

This scent assists you to assimilate and balance 5D energy and is “vital” when you are starting to consciously work with 5D energy”.

When you start learning or forming a new habit, it takes practice and effort just like it does when you start to consciously focus on assimilating and balancing 5D energy.

5D Balance helps support you to be energetically stable and feel balanced.

Have you been experiencing 5D imbalances?

Here’s some useful tips when learning how to balance 5D energy.


Have you been feeling stressed or anxious?

Many  of you may feel anxious because of the lower-level (often negative) energy that they pick up and absorb from others and a toxic environment. This can happen whilst out shopping, going to work or even your family members. If you are sensitive to other’s energy fields (etheric cleanse) helps with this), being aware of your abilities is really important. Pull in your own energy field rather than extending it out and make sure you look after yourself by not getting caught up in other peoples dramas or energy.


Release expectations from yourself and others  

When you wake-up and ascend on your 5D consciousness path you desire to act with authority, integrity and spiritual excellence. Hence, you’ll expect more from yourself each day and those around you and your expectations of others also rise.

Acceptance is key – understanding that we’re all at different levels of learning/evolution and instead of focusing on others, it’s now time to focus on yourself and make you a priority. Allow others to take their own path.


Are relationship changing?

As your awareness begins to grow, your relationships will shift and you may find yourself not wanting to be around the people you normally spend time with. Don’t feel guilty about this, instead give yourself space and time to be you and do what you want to do. This can be a simple as “not answering the phone just because it rings or not saying “yes” when you are feeling a strong no.


Feel the need to break free & start fresh ?

If you’ve been off purpose for too long, you’ll feel the desire to change everything at once and just be free of old restraints and ways. You can do this by taking one step at a time in the direction you want to head. You may also find that doors are slamming shut in front of you.

Rather than use force and speed, take notice and listen to message the universe is sending you. Be open to a New Beginning! 


Career change

As you become aware of 5D Energy, your career or work may feel like 3D energy and you may feel dissatisfaction and a growing need to ‘be on purpose’. If you find your talents and skills are not being utilised in your work – you will become increasingly frustrated and have this urge to make a complete change.

Be brave and start exploring what else you want to do and really focus on your passion and what you WANT to do, not necessarily what you are qualified to do. Take time in this process and ask the universe to “show you” the way forwards (forward faith is great for this).

Wanting to find your purpose more than ever?

Part of the ascension process is to urge the soul to seek its purpose for incarnating on Earth which can make you feel imbalanced if you compare what you feel your purpose is to what you are doing now. You may find they are worlds apart and if that is true for you,

Start by taking gentle steps towards your purpose. If you go too hard to quick, you may lose your 5D balance and if you actually slow your thoughts down, you’ll find you can receive more accurate guidance.

Increased self-awareness  

Have you been really consciously listening to your own thoughts lately?

As if you are listening to a podcast?

Well as your consciousness grows, so does your ability to reflect on choices you’ve made and the patterns you may be repeating. This self reflection can cause you to imbalance (5D Balance is scent for this) if you get stuck on what was and what you could have done.

Now more than ever its really important to let go (the letting go scent also helps with this) of the past and one of the way you can do this is by, acknowledging what you learnt from these experiences. This helps you to release 3d energy this will help you create a good 5D balance.

Any of that sound familiar?

 You are not alone!  



“The Essential Energic Balancer”

This spirit guided scent assists you to assimilate and balance 5D energy.


What others are saying about our Scents

This scent is my favouirte, whenever i’m starting to feel out of whack, this is my go to scent.  I put it on and the imbalance starts to fade and I feel calm.  It’s a goodie! Jess – NSW kiss

Wibbly wobbley timey stuff… this is the key to balancing interdimensionally and within each dimension too.I loved the classic balance scent – this is so next level for my family. Nads