11ev8 (Elevate) Free Flow Scent Oils Pack

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Welcome to the 11ev8 (Elevation) Essentials pack!

If you are ready to be elevated to the next level, this twin scent oil pack gives you everything you need!

The 11ev8 (Elevate) scent elevates everything…. from how you feel, to what you think, your outlook on life and it removes the foggy vail so you can access clear visions. It lifts you above your current reality and opens up a much more powerful one.

The 2023 Free Flow scent attracts free flow and when used after the 11ev8 Scent it really is powerful and something you should definitely experience.

Kit Contains:  2 x Scent Oils (30mls each)
11ev8 scent x 1
2023 Free Flow x 1

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Kit Contains: 2 x Scent Oils (30mls each)
11ev8 scent x 1
2023 Free Flow x 1

These are our pure scent oils that we use to blend in our products. Each Scent oil comes in our stunning blue bottles, has a child proof safety cap and has 30ml of our hand blended oils. One drop is very strong and they last a very long time. Perfect for use in electronic burners, diffusers and the good old melt burner.

Ingredients: Amber, lemon, bergamot, neroli, heliotrope, lime, lemongrass, vanilla bean, rum musk, coconut, verbena, spearmint

1 review for 11ev8 (Elevate) Free Flow Scent Oils Pack

    Cheryl Coleman
    August 20, 2023
    I really enjoy using these two scents when I am being creative. 11ev8 lifts my mood and Free Flow helps to bring ideas forward. I always feel happy and light for hours after 🩵
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