What does your best life look like?

How do you know if you are living it right now?

Wow! Here’s two powerful questions that can really change your life if you take the time to reflect on them. Not only do they deserve some reflection but most importantly, ask yourself this? Are you living your best life or are you constantly aspiring for more and perhaps missing some of the little things that are right in front of you?

How would you know? When’s the last time you reflected on this?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been hearing this question “are you living your best life?” so I wrote it up on the blog wall and have been waiting for the information to come through. Well, this week some conversations happened and I’ve just been woken up super early with information to share with you.

Last week, I remember a friend saying to me that her and her husband sat down and did a reflection and when they looked back on their goals from 9 years ago, it turns out they are now living the life they want…

They’re married, have 2 beautiful daughters and have even managed to purchase their own home which on paper seemed almost impossible to do. They live in a street where other people are growing their own gardens and home schooling their kids as well, so there is this awesome little community of like-minded people in their very own street. 

Another friend of mine was doing some work that she didn’t really enjoy or really want to do then last week, due to a mandatory requirement, turns out she no longer can do that job. At first, she was a little annoyed about it as she needed the income but at the same time, deep down she did feel relieved.  Turns out a new job has already manifested and she will be earning more money with less running around and doing more of what she really wants to do.

Another friend of mine has retired, moved down to the coast and set up the life she has been talking about for a couple of years. She mediates each morning, goes for a walk along the water and enjoys the sounds of the birds and nature.  She’s free to do what she wants, whenever she wants. 

So here I am, observing my friends starting to live their best life and it made me start to self-reflect as well and turns out I am very close to living my best life.  I get to make amazing scents, spend time with my dogs, do my gardening and am taking the time to rebuild myself after a very traumatic 2021. I’ve been using the Gratitude scent which has just been really lovely and gentle to help me in the process and have become very grateful for the most simplest of things that I used to take for granted.

Are you living your best life? Do you Self-Reflect?

What Is Self-Reflection? 

Simply put, self-reflection is taking the time to think about, meditate on, evaluate, and to think about your behaviours, thoughts, attitudes, motivations, and desires. It’s the process of listening to your thoughts, feeling your emotions and understanding your motivations to determine the “Why?” behind them. I like to call it the “drive” that makes you want something.

Why is Self-Reflection important? 

Without self-reflection, we tend to go through life without thinking, moving from one thing to the next without making time to evaluate whether things are actually going well. We don’t pause to think, to analyse or determine what is going well and what isn’t working.  Without this, we tend to get stuck in rut and keep creating the same outcomes. You might feel like you’re on a merry go round!

For example, if you’re not doing self-reflection, you might stay in a job you don’t like or a relationship that isn’t going well. You might just keep on running and trying to keep up with things even if things aren’t going well. You can feel like you’re simply trying to keep your head above water, doing the same things over and over again even if they haven’t worked before.

The Benefits of Self-Reflection

It creates learning and understanding.  When you go through life without making time to think and reflect, you can miss learning opportunities and miss out on gaining deeper understandings from situations that happen. You just keep busying and move from one thing to the next. 

Self-reflection allows you to take a step back and gain perspective on what matters and what really doesn’t. It allows you to process events, situations and achieve clarity on them.  It allows you to think deeply and ponder the meaning of your circumstances, emotions, and motivations. It helps you move towards living a wholistic, and integrated best life.

Self-reflection allows you to take a step back and gain perspective on what matters and what can be ignored. It allows you to process events and achieve clarity on them. It allows you  to think deeply and ponder the meaning of your circumstances, emotions, and motivations. It enables you to stay on path towards what it is you really want.

3 easy steps to Self-Reflect… Welcome to my 3 G’S…

Goals, Going & Gratitude

Goals:  Every year I create a visual manifestation chart which I have on my bathroom wall because it’s the first thing I see in the morning and last thing at night.  This helps set my mind in the direction I want and if I wake up in the morning and feel a bit out of sorts, looking at my chart reminds me to reset my focus towards my goals.

So if you haven’t done that, make one. People always ask why I’m such a good creator and its because of that one discipline I do every year without fail. It has up to 10 things that I want and some are physical, mental, emotional, money and health orientated. How do create what you want, if you don’t know what you want?

Going:  This simple question is so beneficial. Ask yourself how your goals are going?  Look at your goal chart every morning and look at each item on it and ask yourself, how’s that goal going, am I on track, am I doing positive activity towards it?

Do you have any negative thoughts that you need to release – if you do, then take some positive action that day towards that goal. You can use the Letting Go Scent  which helps you release any negative thoughts.

Gratitude:  is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

I know some people do a really big process around gratitude but a few years ago, we started a gratitude group and all we did was use the Gratitude Scent in a candle, Scent oil, Diffuser or Melt and started to write down what we were thankful each day. We had these groovy little journals we kept by the bed and wrote 3 – 5 things we were grateful that day

The interesting thing was that the group started to receive their goals faster and their life started to flow with ease and grace.  It didn’t matter when people wrote a whole paragraph or a simple message that said” Today I am grateful for ……..”, it worked and the Gratitude Scent is still a best seller today.

To help you practice gratitude…

The Gratitude Scent  helps you to consciously practice gratitude and it’s one of our subtle scents and has some cedarwood, sandalwood and cinnamon in it which helps you to feel calm and be grounded too.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some tips and scents that really helped me in the hope they can help you too. Remember that you deserve to get what you want and Gratitude is a powerful secret that is here to help you.

Sending you love light and good vibes, AJe