Sacred Healing

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To help the body and soul to heal


To help the body and soul to heal

Contains: Guava, Apple, Grapefruit, Fig, Orange, Passionfruit, Musk, Bergamot, Lily, Neroli, Thyme, Rosewood, Vanilla

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Candle – Medium, Candle – Twin Pack, Mosaic – Large, Mosaic – Twin Pack, Melts, Melts – Twin Pack, Diffuser, Diffuser – Twin Pack, Scent Oil, Scent Oil – Twin Pack, Value Kit #1, Value Kit #2

2 reviews for Sacred Healing

  1. Jayne

    Where have you been? I’ve been shopping the malls walking in and out the candle stores with my nose hurting! I literally gave up until I went into my sisters house and smelt this! Nothing like the other cheap nasty scents – this is really gentle on my nose yet at the same time it provides a strong scent in the room. Love this and am a fan of yours now! Plus I do’t have to go shopping anymore!

  2. Tan

    I love how calming this scent makes me feel, I love putting on my candle and reading a book, the scent is lovely and when I wake up in the morning its the first thing I smell.

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