Coloured Jar Twin Pack – choose your jar colour & scents


These colourful medium candles are available in 6 colours, always attract attention and make the room pop!

They are high quality jars and ideal if you burn candles from 30 minutes – 3 hours at a time.

They have a total approx. burn time of 35 – 40 hrs and the jars have a seal tight lid so your scents are kept nice and fresh when not in use.

Did you know, the more you buy, the more you save? Our 4 packs help you to experience more scents of your choice so you can feel better much faster. Check it out.

Colours Jars: 275ml of Wax. Approx. burn time of 35-40hrs. Single Wick

Ideal for burning from 30mins - 3 hours at a time (you need to keep the wicks short)

TIP: Once the candle is finished, you can use the jars as seal tight containers or even plant some small plants in. Great for holding pens & pencils too.


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