Anxiety Gone Melts Pack

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This pack is really helpful when you want to decrease “OVERWHELM, ANXIETY and create “NEW BEGINNINGS”. The Anxiety Scent helps you to release the overwhelm and the feelings that lead to anxiety whilst the New Beginnings Scent helps to open your mind and make a fresh start by bringing in new energy, thoughts and inspiration.

2 x 6 Pack of Melts (1 of each scent)
1 x Scent Guide
1 x Guidance Card
Shiny Metallic Box (as per photo)

Note: Our melts are made with high-quality soy wax and within minutes of lighting, they provide a very punchy and powerful scent throw. There are no additives, are colour-free and they won’t stain your burners. The scent throw from these melts lasts all the way to the end and they are excellent to use in electric burners as well.

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Ingredients are listed on the tag images.

Note: Our scents are not like others on the market because we don't just buy cheap oils and just put them in the wax. NA AH! Thats not us at all!

We hand-blend our scents for a purpose. For example: if you choose the "Balance Scent" - it will help you to balance your body, mind & soul.

Suitable for old school tea-light burners and electric burners.


1 review for Anxiety Gone Melts Pack

    May 7, 2024
    At first I remember thinking, how can this help me with anxiety its just a scent, but honestly this pack has been a lifesaver for me, I used the Anxiety Gone scent first and noticed that my thoughts started to calm down and then I looked at the video and started using the post it notes. For me that was exactly what I needed as my overwhelm also decreased. The scent is fresh and it also leaves this nice smell in the room. I then started using New Beginnings and just like it says, I felt a new level of energy and I started to attract positive things in my life. Thank you so much I'm so glad I found you. Justine - QLD
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