I’ve never been one to enjoy smelly candles, as it’s always been ‘caramel’ or ‘orange mocha frappacino’… which didn’t really appeal to me and didn’t really make sense to me.
I am now, however, a Solaz Scent convert.
Not in the ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ sort of thing, but more that I have actually experienced the spiritual breakthroughs that each of the scents I’ve tried has had in my life.

I’ve seen transformational scents, candles and blends advertised on my news-feed before and always thought it was a bit of a ploy. Making it sound more than it was – a scented candle.

I finally got a few candles from Solaz, after working with Anjie on creating the new Solaz website and they were NOT what I was expecting!!

They blew me away from a personal development perspective.
Each one of them has helped me to really solidify the lessons, learnings and growth that I was looking for when ever I put on specific scents.

My all time favourite is still Spirit & Soul (from the Cleanse collection). Not only is it a beautiful smelling scent, but it makes me feeeeeel utterly – well, the feeling is: – of being ‘at home’ within myself. Content, pleased to be me, and just feeling right about my life.

I’ve done so much work on that front, and spent so much money getting this course and that, going to this seminar and that. But when I finished the courses (or gave up :/) or when I came back home from the rah-rah style events, within a few days, weeks. Things were just well… back to ‘normal’.

I’ve begun to realise that even though I KNEW that I should have a supportive environment around me and change the energetic experience I was having in life… I wasn’t actually able to shift my whole world into the curated version that would be conducive to the life I was trying so hard (mentally) to create or ‘will into existence’.

Olfactory is one of the most powerful and potent senses. You can smell something and it whisks you to a place or time in your life and you immediately feel the feelings that scent triggered in you. So now, I am living with an olfactory anchor, a constant reminder of the purpose that I am focused on and the intention I have set that day.
It’s like this little secret trick or spiritual hack I’ve come across that I just didn’t even think could be a thing, let alone become such a powerful tool in my spiritual practice arsenal/kit.

I’ve loved introducing this into my family life and it has become a daily part of our mornings, finding what candle or melts we want to play with that day.
We take it seriously when things are serious and we also have a lot of fun on our run of the mill days.

I hope you can feel the shift in purpose that I’m trying to explain here.

That each scent is completely different.

That every use can also be completely different.
Some to set intentions, some to bring me back to intentions previously set, some to experience and let go of things and some to just feel so very very good in my present-time experience of life.

I love that I didn’t keep my old belief that smelly candles don’t have a purpose. Cause honestly, these are not those sorts of -‘hit you with a scent’, for no reason kind of things.
These scents are both powerful (as in they don’t loose their smell during the whole time you use them) and in the spiritual, mental, emotional and even physical shifts, healings and lessons that they assist with in my daily real world life.

Oh – and I reckon Spirit & Soul Cleanse should be everywhere!

It just feels so good to be home within myself again.

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