Are you living simply

What are you going for in 20201?

Are you going for freedom?
Is happiness something you want?
Could you be wanting a new job?

Do you need to become emotionally more stable?
Is it time to rearrange rooms in your house?
Are you going through a relationship breakup?
Struggling to make ends meet?

Perhaps you need to LET GO of things that no longer serve you and create some New Beginnings?
Maybe you are learning how to simply? To de-clutter, uncomplicated and break the complexity down?

Or are you just doing the same old thing you’ve always done and expecting a miracle?

No matter what you are going for in 2021 if you want to be successful and achieve what you want, its really important to focus on what you want so you can create what you want?

How do you do that and why is this so important you might be asking?

Well first of all if you don’t give your mind something to focus on, chances are it will focus on the negative. The mind and brain are very powerful instruments and when not directed in a positive way, can become quite de-constructive. It’s like teaching a child or a puppy to not eat something they shouldn’t, you don’t just tell them once, you have to keep training them NOT to until at some point, they learn NOT to.

Last year was challenging for most people right? And yet for some it was a really good year!  Now how can that be? How is it that some people experienced trauma and others just quietly sailed under the radar and had a good year?

Great question right? 

Again, what are you going for this year? Do you know what you want?

 Have you been able to look at what you learnt in 2020 and have you made changes from it?

Have you been taking every challenge that has presented?

Have you looked the challenges to “see what your learning’s are” and then learnt from it or have you just welled in your emotions and chosen the “it’s all to hard” and fallen in the poor me basket.

No matter what your choice, your life will reflect this and how you choose to react to a situation is your choice even when you don’t think you have a choice

Lets look at this example:

I lost my job on Monday and I am feeling totally devastated, like I have lost a part of me. I know it has only been a few days but I can’t seem to pull myself up and I’ve lost all the self esteem I had. I used to be so happy and bubbly all the time, now I just want to cry all the time.

You have some choices here:

You can frame (look at it) like this

I lost my job on Monday and I am feeling totally devastated, like I have lost a part of me.

Or you can frame it like this 

My purpose in that job has come to an end, this is an opportunity for me to do something different and build a new part of me

You can cry, wallow and stay in that or you can make a choice to let go and get back on the horse and start riding again. Start to ask yourself, Ok so what did I like about that job and what did I dislike.  Write a list of all the good things and start looking for a new job with the good things in it.

 Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there and done that many times.  I’ve lost jobs and thought that I was that job, the job was me and when the job was gone, I was gone. 

Basically I used to think that my job, was my identity.  WoW what a tuff time I had when I first had to understand that “your job is NOT your identity”.  It is something you DO, but it’s now who you are!

You see, we get taught in this merry go round of “you need nice things to feel good” so you spend money you don’t have and then you work in a job you don’t like, to pay for the things that are supposed to make you feel good. 

The higher up the ladder you go, the more money you earn, the more money you spend. The more you spend the more you need to work to pay for it and there goes the merry go round.  A lot of people lose who they are, what they love doing and get stuck in a job they don’t like to pay for the toys they are board of and to meet the mortgage or rent payments to keep up with the jones next door.

It’s an interesting 3D cycle that humans have been influenced to live.

However you can break free of this cycle and live a 5D life!  Now what is that you might ask? What does that look like? Is it even possible?

Is that even nuts to talk about?

Well I guess that depends on how you dealt with last year?  Did 2020 shock and shake you to the core, did you lose a job, lose your identify, buy into the fear and have major situations that come out of nowhere for you to deal with?


Did you sail under there radar quite nicely and observe the 3D world being fearful about a virus and panic buying?

Either way, there’s a few underlying themes coming out right?

How do you deal with change?
Do you respond with fear and get emotional or do you take a deep breathe and observe the situation before you react?

Are you living simply?
Have you got your bills and toys under control? So you are not caught up in the 3D cycle?

Are you living in the now?
Are you focusing on what you want and how to get it?

There seems to be a vast difference going on in the world at the moment. There are people who’ve “done the work” and they have simplified, minimised, appreciated the simple things in life and are now living in the now moment. They are connected with the universe, enjoying synchronicity and learning how to live with freedom of choice. They are not working in jobs to pay for the toys they don’t use and they are not working for people who don’t respect them.

Whilst others are in the merry go round still doing the same thing and expecting different results. Which is not really smart right?

So what are you going for right now?

Are you in self-reflection mode or playing poor me?

Are you stuck in the 3D cycle or learning the new 5D way!

Our Solaz team has done the work because we’ve dedicated to time with our coaches to consciously work on getting out of the 3D cycle and moving to the 5D.  What I can say is that we are all now living a very different life than we used to.  We’ve been using the 5D Scents are the Support Sessions to move forwards. We connect the universe, go with the flow and as a result we are able to define what we want, focus on it and create it with ease and grace.

What I can say is that “doing the work was worth it and simplifying is one of the biggest gifts you can give you self”.

So what are you going for in 2021?

Do you even know what you want and if you do, are you focusing on it?

Because what you think you create and if you do the work, you’ll get the reward.

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