The change tornado

The change tornado

Ever found yourself enjoying your life, everything is going well and then one morning you wake up only to find yourself amongst a tornado.

I call it the tornado of change!

It’s when everything around you is turned about face, thrown all over the place and everywhere you turn the wind is blowing out of control and constantly changing directions.

You are unable to guide or steer in any direction and you simply have to hang on and ride out the storm.

If you understand what I’m talking about, then keep reading, if not – file this away until the weather changes.

Just recently I found myself in the middle of a category 5 tornado.  My relationship with brother and his family ended, my mum past over from cancer, my dog Jeru died of cancer, my dog Skyla lost all her puppies, my other dog sharman also had cancer and required surgery.  I ended a very high paid job because I stood up for bullying and harassment and required a lawyer.   My body had almost collapsed and every day was a struggle. I also attempted to start a new job amongst all of that and it was a total disappointment and don’t even get me started on covid. It was a rough year for me and I have no doubt it was for most of you too.

During the tornado I did everything I possibly could to remain stable and balanced and if you have experienced a life tornado you will know this is extremely challenging and difficult to do.

So now that tornado is gone,  I’d like to offer some suggestions and knowledge to help you deal with the “change tornado” should one come your way?

Steps that help

  1. Recognise and then acknowledge you are in the middle of the “change tornado”.
  2. Do not resist or fight the tornado – allow it to exist and stay grounded (use the grounding scent)
  3. Use the power of your mind to stay as calm as possible. (calm & relax or balance scents are good for this)
  4. Start looking at your life, in particular the changes you need to make  (I used the clarity scent)
  5. Implement goals and steps towards these changes ( I used the creation scent for this)
  6. Commit to the changes and take action
  7. Trust the process of the tornado – don’t become fearful (the forward faith scent was super helpful for this)
  8. Step outside yourself and watch the direction the tornado is guiding you to
  9. Follow that direction and don’t hesitate to end, let go or complete with anything that is no longer for your higher self or highest purpose (the Letting Go scent is a must for this)
  10. Tell your higher self you want the process to be completed with ease and grace
  11. Be patient, trust, trust, trust

When the tornado ends

You will awake from an overwhelming emotional state (like feeling frozen in time) to feel quite calm, at peace and somewhat renewed.  The world will look different, you will feel different and the winds of change will be yours.

It will become very clear that the universe sent the “change tornado” to shake you up and move you, to where you should be. 

Know that your life will be extremely different from this point on.

My personal experience

The change tornado of 2021 has finished and now its time to start a fresh. I now have to time to discover who I am without all the things mentioned above. I have been gardening to get my balance. I’ve used every scent in the 5D collection and now I’m using the fresh start and yes scents for 2022.  (2022 limited edition packs)

I am spending time gardening, swimming the dogs, listening to music and I’ve started writing again.  I feel at peace and have become very clear on what I want my life to look like and really don’t care what others think or do.

So remember this

Everything is always perfect and life is simply amazing – you don’t need to control it, steer it or force anything.  Even if it scares the shit out of you, the calm of the tornado is in the eye of the storm.  So do your best to let the storm do its thing.

Allow the weather to be the flow of your life and trust the universal process.

What is meant for you…

What is meant for you…

What if each person you meet has something to give or share with us? I guess you could refer to it as an “exchange of energy”

It could just be a simple smile, a hello or it could be a life changing lesson. How do you know what each day will bring?

What if you approached life with an open mind and no expectations? Is that something you are aware of or think about doing?

The reason I’m asking these questions is because if you were to believe in fate or destiny, would being present (in the now) be one of the most beneficial practices to do in each and every moment?

Lets explore a bit more…

Whilst doing readings at a Body Mind Spirit Festival in Melbourne, what I noticed that weekend was that all the people who wanted readings and help, were all carrying a lot of pain, hurt, emotions and memories from the past.

Most of the people just wanted to feel ok within themselves, be at peace and get some of hope so they had something to look forward too.  There were very few people that were in a good place and happy with their lives.

Whats the cost of living in the past? Carrying baggage? 

1. if you are living in the past, you are not being open to the now or your future.  You are constantly training your thoughts and emotions to reflect backwards and attach to the past issue, event or memory which then comes into your current moment. You taint your current moment with the past and most of the time its not the positive we remember but the negative. P.S the letting go scent is super helpful to let go.

2. your suitcase will get way too heavy to carry. ha ha!

My experience

I like to live in the future; to me it’s exciting, unknown and full of opportunity. I like to know whats coming so I can prepare for it. The only problem with this is there are minimal surprises and I tend to get very board when the future becomes today.  I do my best to control it and what this has not allowed me to do is “be in the now”. There are times when I’ve not trusted destiny and tried to control it.

Hopefully this is reminder that it’s important to live in the now and know that – whatever is meant for you won’t go by you. (forward faith scent is sooo good for this)

Whilst in Melbourne there were so many events and moments that occurred, the Solaz team were constantly amazed.  We were given signs, signals and messages for 6 days straight. It was like all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle just start presenting themselves and finding their own place in the puzzle.

The puzzle completed itself and all we did was go with the journey. We did not control, look into the future or the past. We were in each moment and it was the most wonderful 6 days I’ve had for quite a long time.

I continue to learn each day that the NOW is all that exists. Whilst I may see into the future due to my intuitive skills I am currently in a situation and am allowing it to work out AZ it should B!

I am doing what I feel, saying what I want and being in the moment and allow the jigsaw to form itself. I am allowing my footsteps to walk the path as it is presented.  It’s a totally different feeling that what I’m used to and I’m enjoying it. It has magic, beauty and delight. There is a sense of sacredness that I’ve not felt before.

I feel an internal peace an inner knowing and a trust of self and the universe. I am not stressed or analysing I am simply going with the flow. Below are some tips;


The flow – when things aren’t flowing, take a few steps back – release your control and expectations, this will allow the natural universal rhythm to flow (our balance scent helps with this)

Control – release control as this interferes with the process and tends to slow it down

Trust – know that whatever is meant for you won’t go by you, even if it does the first time, remember – timing is everything

Jigsaw – look at it like a jigsaw puzzle all you need to do is put the border together and allow the pieces to find their way

Destiny – we all have a path to walk, so just walk it and experience all that you can.

The now – when you are in the now you should feel calm, happy and peaceful. Like an omni presence

Trust yourself, trust destiny and remember

What is meant for you won’t go by you