Welcome to Shift Emotions

“It’s the scent you should always have handy because it helps you release negative emotions”

Have you been feeling like your stuck in a rut and going around the merry go round? 

Are you finding that your emotions can be up and down like a yo-yo and for no real apparent reason?

Are you feeling a little unworthy, a tad insecure and just can’t seem to find balance?

Do you have kids that are full on and can get emotional very quickly?

What others are saying about Shift Emotions

Shift Emotions is the Scent I’ve been waiting for. When I feel overwhelmed or just STUCK in a loop or even a spiral. This scent is there to lift me out of the vibration of that emotion and help me to move downstream to better feeling thoughts and emotions.


Nadene Metcalfe

Web Developer and Mum

My personal experience

‘I’ve been using this since yesterday and its helped me feel a whole light lighter and more balanced already. I just acknowledge the emotion I was feeling – sat and looked into the flame and imaged burning it off”

P.S Having the diffuser in my hall means that every time I walk past it, I get a whiff and I check in with my emotions and release any negativity


Solaz Scents

The story behind this scent and how Shift Emotions came to us

This scent was created in 2020 and lets face it, its been a year unlike we’ve experienced before right?

Anjie went through a very unexpected transition herself in June and found herself stresseed, anxious, unable to return to work and it was all becuase she had the courage to speak up. It caused an “undoing” and a “redirection” which meant she wasn’t sleeping, functioning properly and was extremely emotional.

She went to get one of her candles off the shelf to help shift her emotions when she hear spirit say “I have a new blend specifically to help you shift emotions”

Anjie then immediately went into our Solaz Scent blending space and this powerful and amazing scent was created.

She has found that emotions that previously took her months towork through have only been taking around a week when she uses Shift Emotions and that the negative emotions are starting to shift easier without all the drama and attachment to the pain.

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To help support you, we’ve found that this scent is best used when you combine it in a few products, for example:  A diffuser works 24×7 silently in the background and you can have a quick sniff when you walk past and a candle/melt gives you the power of the scent on a whole new level, so when combining, its gives you maximum support to shift emotions. 

We’ve also been guided that red & black are the best colour combination to help you shift emotions.  

Mosaic & Diffuser Kit

Get this Red Mosaic Candle and the Matt Black Diffuser bottle (your choice of white or black satin reeds)

Medium Candle & Diffuser Kit

Get this Medium Red Coloured Candle and the Matt Black Diffuser bottle (with your choice of white or black satin reeds)


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Red Mosaic Burner & Melts Kit

Get this beautiful Red Mosaic Burner

1 Shift Emotions Melts pack AND 1

‘Select your own Scent’ Melt pack