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“The Ultimate Manifestation Amplifier”

This scent helps to attract 5D Free Flow so you can manifest exactly what you want!.

This scent helps with all of the steps mentioned below and believe it or not, there are times I don’t use it, so I can keep up with the 5D thats already flowing in!

Are you ready to manifest using 5D energy?

Or are you still using 3D energy to manifest? 

The old 3D way is where you think about 10 things you want, you create up a pretty vision board or manifestation chart and then you visualise what you want and wait for it to manifest. Now whilst this still works, this process allows for what we call, “default creating”.

What is default creating?

Default creating is when you create something “you think you want or need” and when you receive it, it’s not exactly what you want.

For example;

you might want a new job and you want that to be in a certain location, a specific amount of work and flexible hours so you can collect your kids from school.

But what you create is a new job with flexible hours, the pay you want but the location is 1 hour away so it means you lose time in the car which cuts into your flexible hours. Default creating would be to accept that instead of saying “thank you but it’s not exactly what I want”.

 What does 5D manifesting look like?  

Ok, so this is a process that our team has been using, practising and have to admit that its working and when you combine it with the scent, you really have to be ready to “get what you receive” because its happens with speed and precision”

Step 1

Clear the Slate

When think about what you want to create, you must “clear the slate” and this means is that you acknowledge any emotions, thoughts and past experiences that may be attached to what it is, that you want to create.

For example,

I chose to leave a very well paid job which was hurting my soul and re-direct back to my spiritual purpose (Solaz Scents & Spiritual Development) however what held me back from doing this earlier, was the “fear of consistant income” because when I started this business, I put a lot of outlay into starting it up and after 2 years, needed to return to work so that i could eat and pay my bills. In choosing to return to my purpose this time, I had to clear the slate on my “fear of income” and trust that everything will be alright.

Doing the process above, creates “A clear slate” and this “creates a space” for you to create exactly what you want”

Step 2

Consciously decide exactly what you want

When you want something, its easy to get if you are not very specific about what it is you want.

For example if you took the job as mentioned earlier, you would be employed. If you didn’t accept it and waited for what you really want, you will have to “feel vulnerable and really trust” that what you want, will prevail.

Consciously deciding is getting down to the nittie gritty, ie.

What type of job, doing what, exact location, exact hours, correct pay, what type of people you work with and what benefits you receive.

The reason this is so important is becuase “the 5D universal energy will give you exactly what you want if you are open and ready to match the vibration of your creation”

Step 3

Energise & match the vortex vibration

This is where you energise and visualise what you want and whats different about the 5D manifesting is – you have to see yourself already having it, imagining what it feels like and how you would feel in the “having of it”. This process is vital becuase its how you start to lift your vibration to match the vibration of your creation. This is where the 5D manifesting scent really helps to lift your vibration and attracts the 5D energy in.

Step 4

Clearing blocks

The faster you can do this, the faster your creation will appear. Blocks can be any negative or doubtful thoughts that you might have about the timing of your creation that you are waiting on. Emotions can appear as frustration, impatience and even anger.

The key here is to use the 5D scent to help you clear any 3D blocks that are lowering your vibration. When you intentify a block, all you have to do is acknowledge, use the scent and release it gently.

Step 5

Sync checking & practice

Previously we talked about default creating and the sync checking is all about ensuring that you don’t default create! It’s best done when a creating that appears to be what you want, is checked against what you have asked for. Example you get offered a job but its not exactly what you want.

This is where you either check if your original creation request (the job) is still what you want (sync check) or if this job offer doesn’t match all your requirements (default creation).

Once you decide which of these it is, you then make a decision. Lets say you do want a job like that, but that job your were offered didn’t match that.

You say “thank you to the universe”, clear the slate and wait for the next job offer you get.


5D Manifesting

can be frustrating however,

very effortless once you get the hang of it.


5D Manifesting takes time to master because you have to be patient, really go within and ask yourself exactly what you want (not what you need) and then “holding the space” for that exact creation to manifest.

At first it seems slower than the 3D creation method, but trust me, once you follow this process, the 5D Creations come in so fast, that you will find yourself running to keep up with them (like i am right now) If you think these emails are full on, trust me this is easy and is just flowing out of me.


I know this is a lot to digest and I’ve done my best to explain how 5D manifest works. If you’re keen to learn more, I have a few coaching sessions available if you really want to be a 5D manifestor.

did you read it all?

Because 3D would skip and want get to the end

5D energy requires patience and the ability to be open and be receptive to new information and ways to do things differently.  The information above is a new way of 5D manifesting and has taken us months of practice to really understand how it works.


5D manifesting

“The Ultimate Manifestation Aplifier”

The scent to help you manifest exactly what you want using 5D energy!.


What others are saying really say about Manifesting

I’ve found this super handy with the ascension process and burn it when I’m feeling out of whack and when I’ve found myself knee deep in 3D energy. It helps me to raise back to 5D faster!  Love it!

Anjie Camens

Owner, Solaz Scents for your Soul

I love using this scent with Conscious Choosing/Conscious Creation practices.

Clearing the Slate allows this scent to bring in the synchronistic flow of 5D energy, leading to inspired thoughts and actions.

Nadéne Metcalfe

Coach, Spiritual Adventures

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Why you need this scent?

“It’s your new best friend to help you manifest exactly what you want, no more default creating!”

There’s nothing wrong with creating the old 3D way, but trust me once you learn how to manifest with 5D energy I doubt you’ll even want to go back!

Anjie – Owner Solaz Scents for Your Soul