Welcome to 2022 the year of a Fresh Start!


What others are saying about the Fresh Start packs…

These 2022 scents are great fun to work with. Yes is such an uplifting vibe and Fresh Start is both clearing and expanding!

We’ve been using them throughout the whole house for the last few days and it’s nice to have a fresh start vibe for a year that otherwise was feeling a bit more of the ‘same ol’.

Nadene Metcalfe - SA

Wow! Spirit just kept telling me that 2022 is all about a FRESH START and saying YES to ourselves and then a few days later they gave me the blends. I started with Fresh Start and burnt a whole candle in a few days, then shifted over to YES and started thinking of all the things I wanted and they have already started to happen. Feeling Fresh and loving it!  YES!

AJe - SA

It was meant to be – I was an elevator in the shopping centre and the person in front of me smelt so good, I had to ask what the scent was.  It turned out it was Anjie and she took me down to her car and I bought her 2022 pack and I’ve finally found where to buy quality scents. The candles are like nothing else, I’m addicted! YES YES YES YES


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Scent Oils 2022 Pack

These are excellent to use in oil burners, diffusers and you can also pop some drops on your wrist, scarf or even some tissues to keep the scents with you all the time.

Only 4 sets left!

Extra Large Mosaics 2022 Pack

Our signature mosaics are a limited edition and when you combine these with the 2022 scents, you are giving yourself a head start to start 2022 Fresh & say YES! 

Only 3 packs left!

Melts 2022 Packs

Wow! these melts have a unique and powerful scent throw. Made from high quality soy wax, these are not like any other melts on the market. Get yourself a set before these sell out – Limited Edition only!

Don’t miss out!

Diffuser 2022 Packs

If you haven’t experienced our diffusers yet, then don’t miss out on these. They are silent 24/7 workers and these rectangle bottles fit almost anywhere and look really clean and modern.  We also use high quality satin reeds so the scent throw is excellent.

Large Amber 2022 Candle Pack

These Amber Jars are stunning and provide a fantastic glow at night and they are perfect if you like to burn your candles for 1-4 hours at time. This pack includes 1 of each scent.

Only 2 packs left – Be Quick

Medium 2022 Candle Packs

These medium jars are perfect if you burn candles from 30mins to 3hrs. They also look really funky and the colours add some brightness to your room. Available in different colours and by the way, kids love them too.

Get yourself some of these now!


More about the scents


“The fresh start we all need!”

Wow! Talk about a fresh start, this scent is refreshing and helps to attract positive energy to give you a fresh start. It blows away 2021 and brings in positive changes.

The blend is a truly gorgeous scent which is a bonus!  Learn More…


“It’s about time we start looking after ourselves”

Say goodbye to NO and bring in YES!

Use this scent to start allowing in abundance and to start teaching yourself to say Yes, even to the smallest of things. Simply use the scent and think of something you want, imagine yourself having it and say YES!   Learn more…